ATV Mud Tire Weight Charts | Comprehensive Guide

How do you know which mud tires will suit your needs? When tackling muddy trails or conquering rugged terrains on your ATV, this is the place where ATV Mud Tire Weight Charts play their role. This post discusses these charts and explores why understanding tire weight is necessary for good performance on your off-road adventures. So get ready to unwrap the secrets behind choosing the perfect set of mud tires based on their weight! But first, let’s understand the numbers on ATV mud tires.

High Lifter Outlaws Max

How to understand the numbers on an ATV Mud Tire?

All the tires contain a format like 25×10-12, and it’s pretty simple to understand, as it provides critical details about the tire size. The three numerals used in this notation hold specific meanings. 

ATV Mud Tire Weight Charts

Height of a Tire 

The first number in the format, 25, represents the tire’s height. This measurement is essential to determine how much ground clearance your ATV will have. A higher tire offers more support, allowing you to navigate rough terrains without worrying about getting stuck or damaging your vehicle.

Width of the Mud Tire

The number 10 denotes the tire’s width. A wider tire provides better stability and traction on various surfaces. It helps distribute weight evenly and reduces the risk of slipping or sliding when driving through mud or other challenging conditions.

Wheel Diameter

The third number specifies the wheel diameter of the tire – 12 in this example. This is crucial information when purchasing ATV Mud Tires since it ensures compatibility with your vehicle’s wheels. Using a mismatched wheel diameter tire can result in improper fitting and potential safety issues.

Now, let’s consider weight – a crucial factor when choosing ATV tires. 

The Maxxis Mudzilla size 28-10-12 weighs a mere 35.7 lbs, according to a chart below. What’s interesting to note is that some other comparisons are made with a 14-inch rim.

This means that if Maxxis were to produce a size 28-10-14 variant – keeping everything else constant except for the rim diameter – it would weigh less than its current weight of 35.7 lbs. A smaller rim would necessitate more rubber material, reducing overall weight.

ATV Mud Tire Weight Comparison: Based on Brand and Model Type

The weight of your tires can significantly impact your ATV’s performance and overall handling in muddy terrains. To make a good decision, it’s essential to understand the variations between different brands and models. Here are some ATV mud tire weight charts; let’s take a closer look at this:

Maxxis Mudzilla Weight

ATV Mud Tire Weight Charts

The Maxxis Mudzilla’s robust construction is designed to tackle the harshest terrain. The weight of these tires ensures they can handle the intense forces encountered during aggressive rides. Reinforced sidewalls and thick tread lugs provide exceptional traction and durability under extreme conditions.

Brand & ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
Maxxis Mudzilla26×9-1226.5
Maxxis Mudzilla26X12-1237.0
Maxxis Mudzilla27×9-1229.1
Maxxis Mudzilla27×12-1239.6
Maxxis Mudzilla28×10-1235.7
Maxxis Mudzilla28×12-1242.0
Maxxis Mudzilla28×10-1235.0
Maxxis Mudzilla28×12-1242.0
Maxxis Mudzilla30X9-1435.9
Maxxis Mudzilla30X11-1444.0
atv tire weight charts

Maxxis Zilla weight

The Maxxis Zilla weighs significantly less than similar tires on the market. The reduced weight also offers benefits in terms of handling and manoeuvrability. The lighter load allows quicker acceleration and better control while navigating tight corners or steep inclines. It puts less strain on your suspension system, minimizing wear and tear on crucial components. People also ask us about Bead Leak In Tire: Symptoms & How To Fix

ATV Mud Tire Weight Charts
BrandTire SizeWeight (lb)
Maxxis Zilla26×9-1219.6
Maxxis Zilla26×11-1223.3
Maxxis Zilla26×9-1420.7
Maxxis Zilla26×11-1423.8
Maxxis Zilla27×9-1220.3
Maxxis Zilla27×11-1223.4
Maxxis Zilla27×10-1422.8
Maxxis Zilla27×12-1427.0
Maxxis Zilla28×10-1226.0
Maxxis Zilla28×12-1227.5
Maxxis Zilla28×9-1423.1
Maxxis Zilla28×11-1426.2
Maxxis Zilla30×9-1425.6
Maxxis Zilla30×11-1430.8
Maxxis Zilla weight

Maxxis Maxxzilla Weight

These tires are known for being heavier, but don’t let that discourage you. From these tires, you can be confident it won’t get bogged down or lose grip when needed. The weight and sizes of the two tyres are:

ATV Mud Tire Weight Charts
Brand Tire SizeWeight (lb)
Maxxis Mazxxilla28×9-1428.0
Maxxis Mazxxilla28×11-1433.7
Maxxis Maxxzilla Weight

ITP Mayhem Weight

By strategically placing weights on various parts of the tire’s tread pattern, ITP has maximized stability and minimized bounce during acceleration and deceleration. This means you can confidently navigate treacherous trails without worrying about losing control or experiencing unnecessary jolts.

ATV Mud Tire Weight Charts

ITP Mayhem Tire comes in the following sizes and weights:

BrandTire SizeWeight (lb)
ITP Mayhem26×9-1225.0
ITP Mayhem26×11-1228.0
ITP Mega Mayhem27×9-1231.0
ITP Mega Mayhem27×11-1234.0
ITP Mega Mayhem27×9-1429.0
ITP Mega Mayhem27×11-1434.0
ITP Mega Mayhem28×9-1432.0
ITP Mega Mayhem28×11-1434.0
ITP Monster Mayhem30×9-1438.0
ITP Monster Mayhem30×10-1440.0
ITP Mammoth Mayhem32×10-1455.0
ITP Mayhem Weight

ITP Mud Lite XXL Weight

The Mud Lite XXL can self-cleanse, preventing mud from clogging up the tire treads and compromising performance. This ensures you maintain maximum traction, giving you better control over your vehicle. The lightweight construction of these tires also contributes to their agility, making them highly responsive on uneven surfaces.

ATV Mud Tire Weight Charts
Brand Tire SizeWeight (lb)
ITP Mud Lite XXL30×10-1233.0
ITP Mud Lite XXL30×12-1238.0
ITP Mud Lite XXL30×10-1437.0
ITP Mud Lite XXL30×12-1438.0
ITP Mud Lite XXL Weight

 SuperATV Terminator Weight

The Terminator Weight minimizes vibration and helps reduce wear on your vehicle’s drivetrain components. Evenly distributing the load across all four tires improves handling and increases your machine’s overall longevity.

ATV Mud Tire Weight Charts
Brand Tire SizeWeight (lb)
SuperATV Terminator26.5×10-1438.0
SuperATV Terminator28×10-1246.0
SuperATV Terminator28×10-1446.0
SuperATV Terminator29.5×10-1246.0
SuperATV Terminator32×10-1454.0
SuperATV Terminator34×10-1559.0
 SuperATV Terminator Weight

SuperATV Assassinator Weight

ATV Mud Tire Weight Charts
BrandTire SizeWeight (lb)
SuperATV Assassinator28×10-1450.0
SuperATV Assassinator29.5×8-1453.0
SuperATV Assassinator29.5×8-1454.0
SuperATV Assassinator32×8-1460.0
SuperATV Assassinator34×8-1463.0
SuperATV Assassinator Weight

Kenda Executioner Weight

ATV Mud Tire Weight Charts
BrandTire SizeWeight (lb)
Kenda Executioner26×10-1226.0
Kenda Executioner26×12-1230.0
Kenda Executioner27×10-1231.0
Kenda Executioner27×12-1236.0
Kenda Executioner28×9-1427.0
Kenda Executioner28×11-1432.0
Kenda Executioner Weight

High Lifter Outlaw Weight

The High Lifter Outlaw is designed to fit a wide range of tire sizes and patterns; this can be easily installed on most ATV or UTV models without any modifications required. Not only does it provide added stability on challenging surfaces, but it also increases flotation when riding through water or snow.

ATV Mud Tire Weight Charts
BrandTire SizeWeight (lb)
High Lifter Outlaw27×9.5-1230.2
High Lifter Outlaw27×12-1235.4
High Lifter Outlaw28×9.5-1233.8
High Lifter Outlaw28×12.5-1238.7
High Lifter Outlaw29.5×10-1237.5
High Lifter Outlaw29.5×12-1243.0
High Lifter Outlaw31×9.5-1439.5
High Lifter Outlaw31×11-1449.5
High Lifter Outlaw 232.5×10.5-1456.0
High Lifter Outlaw 328×9-1439.0
High Lifter Outlaw 329.5×10-1444.0
High Lifter Outlaw Weight

 High Lifter Silverback MT2 Weight

ATV Mud Tire Weight Charts
Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
High Lifter Silverback MT230×9-1445.0
High Lifter Silverback MT233×10-1471.0
 High Lifter Silverback MT2 Weight

STI Out & Back Max Weight

ATV Mud Tire Weight Charts
Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
STI Out & Back Max26×10-1237.6
STI Out & Back Max27×10-1240.6
STI Out & Back Max27×10-1439.6
STI Out & Back Max28×9.5-1439.7
STI Out & Back Max28×10-1444.0
STI Out & Back Max30×9.5-1444.1
STI Out & Back Max30×10-1448.2
STI Out & Back Max32×9.5-1448.5
STI Out & Back Max32×10-1453.8
STI Out & Back Max Weight

 Sedona Mudda Inlaw Weight

ATV Mud Tire Weight Charts
Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
Sedona Mudda Inlaw28×10-1445.0
Sedona Mudda Inlaw30×10-1449.7
Sedona Mudda Inlaw32×10-1455.1
 Sedona Mudda Inlaw Weight

BKT AT 171 Weight

ATV Mud Tire Weight Charts
Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
BKT AT 17128×9-1440.0
BKT AT 17130×9-1442.0
BKT AT 171 Weight

Interco Black Mamba Weight

The weight of Interco Black Mamba offers benefits in terms of traction, stability, puncture resistance, and overall durability – crucial factors for any serious off-roader. Given below are some Interco Black Mamba tire sizes and weight:

ATV Mud Tire Weight Charts
Brand and ModelTire SizeWeight (lb)
Interco Black Mamba27×10-1255.0
Interco Black Mamba30×10-1266.0
Interco Black Mamba30×10-1465.0
Interco Black Mamba32.5×10-1470.0
Interco Black Mamba Lite26×10-1239.0
Interco Black Mamba Lite26×12-1245.0
Interco Black Mamba Lite27×9-1239.0
Interco Black Mamba Lite27×11-1245.0
Interco Black Mamba Lite30×8.5-1246.0
Interco Black Mamba Lite30×8.5-1445.0
atv mud tires weight chart

Some Lightest ATV Mud Tires

If you’re searching for the lightest ATV mud tires on the market, there are a few options worth considering.

Super ATV Terminators

These tires offer a unique combination of lightweight construction without compromising on performance. What makes Super ATV Terminators stand out from other mud tire options? Here are some key points to consider:

Unmatched agility: The lightweight design of Super ATV Terminators allows for quicker acceleration and superior maneuverability, giving riders an advantage when navigating rough and slippery terrain.

Reduced strain on your vehicle: With less weight, these tires help reduce stress on your axle, suspension, and drivetrain components. This not only improves overall durability but also enhances fuel efficiency.

Impressive traction: Don’t let their light weight fool you – Super ATV Terminators don’t compromise on grip. These tires boast deep tread patterns with well-spaced lugs that dig deep into mud or loose soil, providing exceptional traction even in the most challenging conditions.

High Lifter Outlaws

High-Lifter Outlaws are not just your average ATV mud tires. They have carved a niche in the off-roading community as the lightest and most aggressive mud tires. Its standout features are:

  • High Lifter Outlaws provide excellent traction and flotation in even bottomless mud. These tires are designed to dig into muddy terrain and propel your ATV forward quickly.
  • These tires are perfect for riders who want to maximize their performance on muddy trails. The reduced weight allows quicker acceleration and improved handling, giving you more control over your ATV in challenging conditions.
  • These also boast an aggressive tread pattern that self-cleans as you ride. This means that mud doesn’t get packed into the treads, ensuring consistent traction throughout your journey.
  • High Lifter Outlaws provide durability. Made with high-quality materials, these tires can withstand the most challenging terrains without compromising their performance or longevity.

Here’s a short video on High Lifter Outlaws Max. Take a look at this:

Interco Swamp Lites

While driving, every pound matters. The lighter the tire, the less strain on your engine and suspension. This is where the Interco Swamp Lite truly shines, with its feather-light weight of only 38 lbs. Some other features include:

  • Interco Swamp Lite offers excellent traction and stability in even the most challenging terrains. Its unique tread pattern allows for efficient self-cleaning, ensuring that mud and debris are not clogged between the treads.
  • Compared to its competitors, such as the High Lifter Outlaws (43 lbs) and Super ATV Terminators (45 lbs), the Interco Swamp Lite is a winner in terms of weight. It enhances your vehicle’s agility and reduces fuel consumption during those long rides through challenging landscapes.
  • With Interco Swamp Lites, you’ll experience improved acceleration and handling while maintaining better control over tight turns. Say goodbye to sluggishness caused by heavy tires!
  • When mounting or dismounting them from your vehicle, these tires are easier to handle – an aspect many enthusiasts overlook until they’re stuck with cumbersome tires.
  • The reduced weight of the Interco Swamp Lites also means less damage to trails or sensitive environments as you navigate them.
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Some of the Most Aggressive ATV Mud Tires

Three of the most aggressive ATV mud tires today are the Interco InterForce II, CST Sludge Hammer, and Maxxis Mudzilla. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Interco InterForce II

The Interco InterForce II is undoubtedly the king of all ATV mud tires weight regarding weight and aggression. Weighing in at a hefty 48.9 lbs, this tire means serious business on muddy terrain.

Most Aggressive ATV Mud Tires
  • Measuring 32 x 6.5 x 14, the InterForce II commands attention with its imposing size and aggressive tread pattern. It’s designed to provide maximum traction and flotation in the most challenging mud conditions.
  • The critical feature of InterForce II is its deep lugs. These large and aggressive tread blocks not only dig into the softest mud but also excel at self-cleaning, preventing buildup, and maintaining an optimal grip at all times.
  • Constructed with rugged materials and built to withstand high levels of abuse, the InterForce II delivers exceptional performance over extended periods without showing signs of wear or tear.

CST Sludge Hammer

The CST Sludge Hammer is a force to be reckoned with in ATV mud tires, explicitly designed for extreme mud conditions.

Most Aggressive ATV Mud Tires
  • Weighing in at an impressive 42.7 lbs, this tackles deep mud pits and slippery terrains.
  • Measuring 30 x 10 x 14, the Sludge Hammer offers a wide footprint that ensures maximum traction in even the most challenging conditions.
  • The aggressive tread pattern is designed with deep lugs and large voids to provide exceptional self-cleaning capabilities, preventing mud from clogging up the tire and reducing traction.
  • These have reinforced sidewalls for durability and puncture resistance.
  • The Sludge Hammer’s aggressive design also assists in climbing obstacles with ease, thanks to its superior grip that grabs onto rocks and roots effortlessly.

Maxxis Mudzilla

Maxxis Mudzilla weighs 44.0 lbs, perfect for tackling rugged terrains. It has the dimensions of 30 x 11 x 14. These large dimensions give the tire a wider footprint, allowing stability and flotation in deep mud. 

Most Aggressive ATV Mud Tires
  • The tread design of the Mudzilla features thick lugs that dig deep into the mud, ensuring maximum control and grip.
  • The large size and heavy weight of the Maxxis Mudzilla may make it less suitable for lighter ATVs or vehicles with lower horsepower engines.
  • Despite its extreme performance in mud, it may not be as versatile on other terrains such as rocks or hard-packed trails.
  • Mudzilla may produce more noise on pavement due to its aggressive tread pattern than other tires designed for all-around use.

Does ATV Mud Tires Weight affect performance?

Yes, the weight indeed has an impact on performance. Heavier tires can add strain to your ATV’s drivetrain. The added weight of mud tires can stress various ATV components, including the axles, suspension system, and engine. This can result in reduced acceleration, top speed, and increased fuel consumption. If you frequently ride in muddy or challenging terrains, the improved traction offered by heavier tires can be highly advantageous.

Whereas lighter mud tires can help improve the overall agility and maneuverability of your ATV. They put less strain on the drivetrain, allowing quicker acceleration and higher speeds. Lighter tires may not offer as much grip in muddy conditions or steep inclines.


The charts above allow riders to see how various tires perform in terms of weight, which can impact factors such as acceleration, maneuverability, and fuel efficiency. Also, this detailed comparison enables you to find the right balance between traction and weight for their specific riding conditions. We encourage riders to consult these ATV Mud Tire Weight Charts and consider their needs before purchasing. Choose wisely and enjoy the thrill of conquering muddy terrains with confidence!


Can I use a lighter mud tire for less intense off-roading?

Lighter mud tires are designed to provide better maneuverability and traction on various terrains. They balance performance in muddy conditions and the ability to handle other types of surfaces. So, you can use a lighter mud tire for less intense off-roading. 

How does the weight of a mud tire compare to a standard ATV tire?

The weight of a mud tire is generally higher than that of a standard ATV tire. This is primarily because mud tires are designed with aggressive tread patterns and additional material for increased puncture resistance. Standard ATV tires are typically lighter and designed for general-purpose use on various terrains. These tires have less aggressive tread patterns and do not require as much puncture resistance.