Michelin Pilot Super Sport Vs Pilot Sport 4S Vs PS2: Which Is The Best Summer Tire?

If I talk about the best Summer tire, we can make a comparison challenge on Michelin Pilot Super Sport vs Pilot Sport 4S vs PS2 tires! These three high-performance beasts are ready to take your car to new heights of speed and grip. I’ll compare and contrast the features, performance, and price of these three Michelin powerhouses to determine which deserves a spot on your wheels. By the end of this article, you’ll be armed with all the information you need to choose your ultimate driving companion.!

Michelin Pilot Super Sport vs. Pilot Sport 4S

The Pilot Sport 4S is the latest addition to their impressive lineup, offering an improved driving experience compared to its predecessors. This tire delivers unparalleled grip and cornering stability. The Pilot Super Sport is the second newer version and still holds its own against newer models.

Michlin ps2

Focusing on precise steering response and exceptional dry grip, it combines sporty performance with everyday usability. Michilin PS2 may be considered the oldest in this trio, but it still holds its ground with impressive tread life and solid dry grip performance. 

Check these stats on our table comparison chart,

Michelin Pilot Super SportMichelin Pilot Sport 4SMichelin Pilot Sport PS2
Dry Performance4*53
Wet Performance453
Snow & Ice Performance111
Noise LevelLess NoiseLeast NoiseMore Noise
Comfort LevelMore ComfortableMost ComfortableLeast Comfortable
Treadwear Warranty30,000 miles30,000 miles20,000 miles
PriceCheapestMost ExpensiveMore Expensive
*Excellent – 5         Good – 4         Fair – 3        Bad –  2         Very bad – 1
Michelin Pilot Super Sport vs Michelin PS2 vs PS4

Some specifications include:

  Pilot Super SportPilot Sport 4SPilot Sport PS2
Available Rim Size17’’, 18’’, 19’’, 20’’, 21’’, 22’, 23’’17’’, 18’’, 19’’, 20’’, 21’’, 22’, 23’’17’’, 18’’, 19’’, 20’’, 21’’, 22’
Weight19.6 – 35.7 lbs18.9 – 41.1 lbs21 – 35 lbs
Treadwear Warranty30,000 miles30,000 miles20,000 miles
Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 vs 4S vs Pilot Sport
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The Pilot Super Sport made its debut in 2011, setting a new standard for ultra-high-performance tires with its exceptional grip and handling capabilities. Its successor, the Pilot Sport 4S, was launched in 2016 to rave reviews, offering improved wet traction and road feedback compared to its predecessor.

Conversely, the PS2 has been a long-standing favorite among enthusiasts since its introduction in 2004. Despite being an older model compared to the Super Sport and 4S, it still holds its own in terms of overall performance and durability.

Dry Performance

The Michelin Pilot Sport 4S emerges as the clear winner in dry performance.The Pilot Sport 4S boasts an innovative tread compound and a unique asymmetric pattern that enhances its dry performance capabilities.

The tire’s enhanced contact patch improves grip on straightaways and corners, making for a thrilling driving experience. Although the Michelin Pilot Super Sport is also a great option for dry performance, it falls slightly behind its successor. The Pilot Super Sport delivers impressive handling on dry roads with its responsive steering and superb grip.

While the PS2 may have been Michelins’ flagship tire at one point, it now pales compared to the Pilot Super Sport and Pilot Sport 4S regarding dry performance.

Wet Performance

The Michelin Pilot Sport 4S stands as the clear winner among its challengers. One of the key reasons behind this is its ability to absorb pressures and stresses encountered on dry surfaces effectively.The Michelin Pilot Super Sport is also an outstanding option for those seeking top-notch dry performance. With its ultra-high-performance characteristics and superior handling abilities, this tire has earned the respect of many driving enthusiasts.

 PS2 offers commendable dry performance, and they fall short compared to their younger sibling. The slight differences in design and technology make a noticeable impact on their overall capabilities on dry roads. 

Snow And Ice Performance

Let’s talk about the Michelin Pilot Super Sport. These tires are designed for summer terrains and conditions, making them ideal for warm-weather driving. Their advanced materials and tread patterns provide excellent handling and grip on dry roads.

It’s important to note that the Pilot Super Sport tires are unsuitable for snowy or icy conditions. The materials used in these tires are not equipped to handle low temperatures effectively and lack the necessary traction for such conditions. If you’re driving in snow or ice with these tires, you risk getting stuck or skidding along the icy surfaces.

These tires are not recommended for temperatures below 5°C. The tire’s compound can harden as the temperature drops, negatively affecting its performance. Extreme cold temperatures can cause these tires to wear out more quickly.

Noise Level

The Michelin Pilot Sport 4S emerges as the clear winner in this category. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S stands out because it uses Michelin Acoustic technology, providing a layer of sound-absorbing foam inside the tire. This innovative design helps reduce road noise and vibrations, resulting in a quieter and more comfortable driving experience. 

The Pilot Super Sport balances performance and comfort optimally, combining low rolling resistance with advanced noise reduction technology. This means that even at high speeds, you can expect minimal noise inside the cabin. PS2 proves to be the noisiest among these three tires. Its higher noise level can be a drawback for those seeking a quieter ride.

Comfort Level

Michelin Pilot Super Sport vs Pilot Sport 4S vs PS2

The Michelin Pilot Sport 4S takes the crown among its competitors. What sets the Pilot Sport 4S apart is its smooth sidewalls, which greatly contribute to a comfortable ride. These smooth sidewalls help absorb road imperfections and reduce vibrations. Pilot Sport 4S wrapped in Twaron fiber. This high-strength material reinforces the tire’s structure, enhancing comfort even further.

The Pilot Super Sport needs to provide a comfortable ride. It is designed primarily for high-performance vehicles and prioritizes precise handling and grip over comfort.PS2 also lacks the comfort and cushioning that other tires in this comparison offer. The ride can feel harsher over rough surfaces, causing more vibrations inside the cabin.

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Treadwear Warranty

The winners are the Michelin Pilot Super Sport and the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. The Pilot Super Sport and the Pilot Sport 4S have an impressive mileage warranty of up to 30,000 miles. This means that these tires are built to last longer.

The Michelin Pilot Super Sport emerges as the clear winner. With a price range from $83.99 to $120, it is considerably more affordable than its counterparts, the Pilot Sport 4S and PS2. Pilot Sport 4S is currently the most expensive option, increasing prices to $349 per tire.

The Pilot Sport PS2 is a high-performance tire with a treadwear warranty of 20,000 miles. At the same time, this might seem like a relatively low mileage compared to some other tires in the market. It falls perfectly into the mid-range category, with prices ranging from around $120 to $300. Despite its mid-range pricing, the Pilot Sport PS2 still delivers an impressive performance that can rival some higher-priced options.

If you’re searching for an all-around exceptional summer tire that excels in every area of performance – whether it’s grip, handling precision, durability or comfort – look no further than the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. With its unrivalled blend of cutting-edge technology and outstanding features inherited from its predecessors like the Pilot Super Sport and PS models, this tire is undoubtedly a wise choice for any sports car enthusiast looking to elevate their driving experience to new heights.

Which Tire Is Best For Track Use?

The Pilot Super Sport is a great choice for track use due to its outstanding grip and handling capabilities, offering superior performance on dry surfaces.

Which Is Better Pilot Sport 4S Or Pilot Super Sport?

When comparing the Pilot Sport 4S and the Pilot Super Sport, it’s evident that the Pilot Sport 4S outperforms the latter in nearly every aspect. As a result, it is a suitable replacement for the Pilot Super Sport. If you own a high-performance vehicle such as a BMW M4, Audi S4, Mustang GT, or similar models and enjoy spirited driving on winding roads, opting for the Pilot Sport 4S would be a prudent decision.

What Is The Difference Between Pilot Sport 4 And 4S?

What sets apart the Pilot Sport 4 from the 4S? Although the PS 4 offers better resistance to aquaplaning, the 4S excels in wet handling performance and grip. The PS 4 has lower rolling resistance, requiring less energy for rolling, while the 4S boasts a slightly larger contact patch.

Are Pilot Sport 4S Good For Drifting?

The Michelin Pilot Sport 4s, like the other tires in the Pilot series, deliver exceptional track performance despite their 300 treadwear grade, thanks to Michelin’s proven reliability. If you’re seeking consistent high-speed performance for your moderately-powered car, these premium tires are an excellent choice for hot laps.

Which Pilot Sport Is Best?

he Michelin Pilot Sport 5 impressed with its exceptional longevity, boasting the longest tread life of all tested tires. It also delivered consistent performance in diverse conditions, providing excellent steering and a gradual understeer balance, while also being the tire with the lowest environmental impact.