Ridge Grappler vs KO2 vs KM2 [What’s The Best Tire For Your Vehicle]

You might think that all tires are created equal, but when it comes to Ridge Grappler vs KO2 vs KM2, each option brings its own unique set of advantages and drawbacks. From tread design to durability to performance on different terrains, there’s a lot to consider when making this crucial decision for your vehicle. So just stick around us because today’s guide help you decide which one is best suited for your driving needs.

BFGoodrich KO2 Tire Review

Comparison Table of Nitto Ridge Grappler vs KO2 vs KM2

These tires boast almost the same durability, traction, and ruggedness qualities. They each have unique features that set them apart.

  • Nitto Ridge Grappler tire combines the aggressive off-road performance of a mud ground tire with a smooth ride and low noise level. Its aggressive tread pattern and supported sidewalls offer excellent traction on various terrains without sacrificing highway comfort.
  • The BFG KO2 is built for versatile performance both on and off-road. Its connected tread blocks provide exceptional grip in wet or snowy conditions while remaining quiet during highway driving.
  •  Conversely, if you’re a hardcore off-roader seeking extreme capabilities in deep mud or demanding rock-crawling situations, the KM2’s rugged design with its large tread blocks might suit your needs.
Ridge Grappler vs KO2 vs KM2

Each tire has strengths and weaknesses that cater to different adventures behind the wheel.

The table given below shows a comparison between Nitto Ridge Grappler, BFG KO2, and BFG KM2. Let’s take a closer look:

Nitto Ridge GrapplerBFG KO2BFG KM2
Off-road Performance5*34
On-road Performance453
Snow and Ice Performance354
Noise LevelMore NoiseLess NoiseMore Noise
Comfort levelMore ComfortableMore ComfortableLeast Comfortable
Treadwear WarrantyLimited Warranty50,000 milesLimited Warranty
PriceMost ExpensiveCheapestMore Expensive
Nitto Ridge Grappler vs KO2 vs KM2

Some Specifications of these tires are:

 Ridge GrapplerBFG KO2BFG KM2
Available Rim Sizes16’’, 17’’, 18’’, 20’’, 22’’, 24’’15’’, 16’’, 17’’, 18’’, 20’’, 22’’15’’, 16’’, 17’’, 18’’, 20’’, 22’’
Weight39.4 – 96.1 lbs32.1 – 72.6 lbs35.5 – 92 lbs
Snow RatingNoThree-peak Mountain Snowflake ratingThree-peak Mountain Snowflake rating
WarrantyLimited50,000 milesLimited
Nitto Ridge Grappler vs KO2 vs KM2

Nitto Ridge Grappler vs BFG KO2 vs BFG KM2 | Detailed Analysis

Off-road Performance

Ridge Grappler vs KO2 vs KM2

The Nitto Ridge Grappler steals the show with its aggressive tread pattern that excels in mud and rock crawling. The BFG KM2 is a close second in terms of capability. The KM2 features deep tread voids that self-clean effectively, providing excellent traction on various grounds.

Its innovative design combines mud-terrain and all-terrain characteristics, setting the Nitto Ridge Grappler apart. This hybrid approach allows for enhanced on-road comfort without compromising off-road traction. 

While the BFG KO2 certainly deserves recognition for its durable construction and long-lasting performance, those seeking an even more aggressive tire should consider looking at the Nitto Ridge Grappler or BFG KM2 if they embrace untamed adventures.

On-road Performance

Let’s compare on-road performance; the battle between Nitto Ridge Grappler and BFG KO2 is fierce. In this matchup, the BFG KO2 emerges as the winner with its signature tight dread block design.

This unique feature enhances the tire’s handling and traction capabilities, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a blend of off-road capability and on-road comfort. Furthermore, the improved traction these tread blocks provide ensures better acceleration and braking performance on various road surfaces.

The Nitto Ridge Grappler offers good grip and responsive handling, and it needs to catch up when pitted against its competitor. The wider spacing between its tread blocks may give it an advantage off-road by preventing mud from sticking to the tire.

Snow & Ice Performance

The BFG KO2 undoubtedly stands out as a winner in snowy conditions. This tire’s ability to tackle winter conditions is emphasized by its Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) award, a certification that ensures exceptional performance in severe snow conditions.

One of the key factors that sets the BFG KO2 apart is its 3D track sipes. These sipes provide excellent biting edges on snowy and icy surfaces, helping to improve traction and grip. This innovative design allows the tire to confidently pass through snowy terrains while giving drivers peace of mind even on icy roads.

Though the Nitto Ridge Grappler and BFG KM2 have their strengths in challenging off-road environments, their snow and ice performance cannot quite match the BFG KO2.

Noise Level

nitto ridge grappler vs bfg ko2

The BFG KO2 takes the spotlight out of the three contestants with its impressively low noise level. This tire has been carefully engineered to provide maximum traction off-road without sacrificing comfort on paved roads. Its unique tread design effectively reduces road noise, allowing drivers to enjoy a smoother and quieter ride even over rough terrains. 

The Ridge Grappler might not be your best bet. Although it offers excellent traction and off-road capabilities, some users have reported it as noisier than its competitors.

KM2 falls somewhere in between when it comes to noise levels. While it may not be as silent as the KO2, it still offers a quieter drive than the Ridge Grappler.

Comfort level

Regarding comfort level on-road driving, the clear winner is the BFG KO2. The Nitto Ridge Grappler may offer impressive traction and versatility with its variable tread design, but it falls short of providing a smooth and comfortable ride on pavement. The BFG KO2 has a specially designed tread pattern that minimizes road noise while providing excellent grip and handling.

M2 sacrifices some comfort due to its aggressive open-void designs. While these open voids provide excellent off-road traction and self-cleaning capabilities,

Treadwear Warranty

The BFG KO2 performs best with an impressive 50,000-mile guarantee. The Nitto Ridge Grappler and BFG KM2 offer reliable performance, but their treadwear warranties fall short in comparison. 

Remember, its treadwear alone doesn’t determine a tire’s overall performance or durability.


Regarding pricing, the BFG KO2 emerges as the clear winner among these three popular all-terrain tires, with a starting price of $190.

On the other hand, the Nitto Ridge Grappler comes in at a slightly higher price point of $213, making it more expensive than its competitors. The BFG KM2 falls into a higher price range, starting from $240. 


While the Ridge Grappler vs KO2 vs KM2 have their own merits, the overall superiority of the BFG KO2 sets it apart as a top choice among all-terrain tires. So, if you’re looking for a tire that combines outstanding performance with reliability for your on-road adventures, look no further than the BFG KO2.


Are these tires suitable for winter driving conditions?

Yes, all three tires are designed to handle winter weather conditions effectively. The BFG KO2 stands out with its severe snow service rating (marked by a mountain snowflake symbol), indicating superior performance in snow and ice.

Can I expect good durability from these tires?

Absolutely! All three tire models are known for their durability. In particular, Nitto, BFGoodrich, and the KM2 have a reputation for long-lasting performance under various driving conditions.

Are these tires available in a wide range of sizes?

All three tire models come in various sizes to fit different vehicles. It is always recommended to double-check the specific tire size availability based on your vehicle’s requirements before making a purchase.

Ko2 vs ridge grappler, which one to choose?

It all depends on the situation. The KO2 is known for its exceptional off-road performance and durability, making it a great choice for adventurous off-roading enthusiasts. Whereas, the Ridge Grappler offers a good balance of off-road capability and on-road comfort, making it ideal for those who want versatility in their tires.

Which one is best among bfg ko2 vs nitto ridge grappler?

These both are good all-terrain tires, but they have some differences that might make one better for you. The KO2 is tough and works well off-road, providing good traction on different terrains. The Ridge Grappler offers a quieter and more comfortable ride on roads, while still performing well off-road.