Toyo Open Country AT3 vs AT2 vs Falken Wildpeak AT3W | Read The Comparison

Choosing the right tires enhances your vehicle’s performance on rough terrains. So today, you’ll learn a comprehensive comparison between three top contenders: Toyo Open Country AT3 vs AT2 vs Falken Wildpeak AT3W. Each tire model offers unique features that cater to the different needs and preferences of off-road enthusiasts like yourself.

In today’s article, you will find all, whether it’s superior traction or exceptional durability. So get ready to choose your ultimate driving companion!

Falken Wildpeak vs Toyo Open Country AT3 vs AT2

Toyo Tyres, known for its high-quality products, primarily manufactures its tires in Japan. They have expanded their production to other parts of the world as well. Along with its headquarters in Osaka, Toyo has established manufacturing facilities in various countries across Europe and Asia.

Toyo’s state-of-the-art production plants are in Germany, Hungary, Thailand, Taiwan, and China. These strategic locations allow Toyo to better serve customers around the globe with efficient distribution and delivery.

One popular tire model from Toyo is the Toyo Open Country AT2, between Toyo Open Country at2 extreme vs at3. It is specifically designed for off-road adventures while ensuring excellent on-road performance. With its advanced tread design and durable construction, this tire provides reliable traction on various terrains.

Toyo Open Country AT3 vs AT2 vs Falken Wildpeak AT3W

Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp., founded in 1966, embodies Toyo Tires’ dedication to innovation, quality, performance, and exceptional service. With over 70 years of global experience, Toyo Tires has become synonymous with excellence.

Offering an extensive range of premium tires for vehicles such as light trucks, SUVs, crossovers, sports cars, hybrids, and commercial trucks. One standout model in their lineup is the Toyo Open Country AT3, in the battle of Toyo AT2 vs Toyo AT3 vs Falken WildPeak AT3W.

Crafted with advanced technology and meticulous attention to detail from start to finish, the Toyo Open Country AT3 delivers unmatched traction and durability on any terrain. 

Falken, a brand of high-performance radial tires, was established in 1983 in Japan to embody dynamism, performance, and natural elegance. With a strong focus on delivering quality products through continuous innovation, Falken has become a high-profile brand over the past three decades.

As part of Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI), the fifth largest tire manufacturer globally, Falken can leverage its resources for optimal product development.

One of Falken’s notable offerings is the Falken Wildpeak AT3W tire. Designed to meet the needs of adventurous drivers, this tire provides exceptional on-road comfort and off-road capability. Its rigid tread blocks ensure stability and handling while reducing noise for a quieter ride.

Toyo Open Country AT3Toyo Open Country AT2Falken Wildpeak AT3W
Off-road Performance435
On-road Performance 435
Snow and Ice Performance 435
Noise LevelMore Noise Most Noise Least Noise 
Comfort Level More ComfortableLeast ComfortableMost Comfortable
Treadwear Warranty65,000 miles65,000 miles55,000 miles
PriceMore ExpensiveMost ExpensiveCheapest Expensive
 Toyo AT2Toyo AT3Falken AT3W
Available Rim Sizes16’’, 17’’, 18’’, 20’’, 22’’15’’, 16’’, 17’’, 18’’, 20’’, 22’’15’’, 16’’, 17’’, 18’’, 20’’, 22’’
Weight26-73 lbs26-76 lbs31.1-82.5 lbs
Snow RatingNoThree-peak Mountain Snowflake ratingThree-peak Mountain Snowflake rating
Warranty+ 50,000 miles for LT sizes+ 65,000 miles for P-metric sizes+ 50,000 miles for LT sizes+ 65,000 miles for P-metric55,000 miles

Off-road Performance

In off-road performance of three top tires: Toyo Open Country AT3 vs Wildpeak AT3W vs AT2, the Falken Wildpeak AT3W is the top choice for off-road enthusiasts looking to conquer any terrain. Its standout features are the sharply angled side bites, which provide exceptional grip and traction when navigating rugged landscapes.

These aggressive side bites help to keep the tires firmly planted on obstacles and ensure maximum control in challenging off-road conditions. The sturdy shoulder blocks of the Wildpeak AT3W act as a powerful shield against harsh elements encountered during off-roading adventures. This means that the tires are well-protected from tears, sharp rocks, and other potential hazards that could result in damage or punctures.

The shoulder blocks are designed to eject any stones or debris that may become lodged in the tire’s tread pattern, maintaining optimal performance at all times.

Toyo Open Country AT3 vs AT2 vs Falken Wildpeak AT3W

The Toyo Open Country AT3 excels in its off-road performance, particularly in displacing mud and debris. Its bold thread design, heavy shoulder lugs, and well-defined edges accomplish this. Including shoulder lugs enhances traction, providing superior grip even on challenging terrains. The AT3’s tread compound also offers enhanced protection against cuts and chips when navigating off-road landscapes.

In Toyo brands, Toyo Open Country AT2 vs AT3, the Toyo Open Country AT2 lacks some of these specific features for optimal off-road performance. While it possesses S-shaped blocks cut in the middle, it does not provide the same level of effectiveness as the AT3. As a result, the AT2 may need help to deliver comparable performance on more challenging surfaces.

On-road Performance 

The Toyo Open Country AT3 is an ultimate winner among WildPeak AT3W vs Open Country AT3 vs AT2 due to its exceptional on-road performance. With an emphasis on dry traction, this tire ensures excellent grip even on paved surfaces. The larger shoulder lugs in the tread pattern play a vital role in enhancing performance on the road.

These larger shoulder lugs cover the gaps in the tread, providing better contact with the surface. This improved contact enables your vehicle to move smoothly and easily in various road conditions.

toyo open country at3 vs falken wildpeak at3w

If we talk about Falken Wildpeak vs Toyo open country, this Wildpeak built for off-road adventures and excels on the road. Falken Wildpeak AT3W has 3D Canyon stripes that provide additional protection and stability by guarding against high torque damage. These stripes act as a shield for the tires, allowing them to perform optimally in various on-road conditions.

Also, this tire incorporates Heat Diffuser Technology in its sidewalls. This innovation helps dissipate heat effectively, ensuring the tire remains cool and performs at its best even during long drives or challenging terrains.

The AT2 tire boasts similar rim protectors to its predecessor, the AT3. The distinguishing feature lies in its distinctive shoulder scallops. Unlike the bold blocks on the AT3, the AT2 exhibits surface indentations.

Snow and Ice Performance 

The Falken Wildpeak vs Toyo open country both tires show good performance in snowy conditions. Toyo Open Country AT3 features wavy tread sipes. This innovative design allows the tire to grip the snow effectively, ensuring optimal control and stability in winter conditions. Also, it has received a Three-Peak Snowflake Rating, indicating its specialized functionality tailored for snowy terrains.

On the other hand, the Falken Wildpeak AT3W also has an aggressive tread pattern with deep grooves and biting edges. This tire incorporates an optimized compound that remains flexible even in extremely cold temperatures, further improving its winter capabilities.

Noise Level

The Falken Wildpeak AT3W stands out as the quietest option for road use. It owes this impressive quality to its innovative Silent Core Noise-canceling Technology. Paired with a larger contact patch than other tires, it ensures the quietest ride possible. Thanks to these advanced features, the noise level produced by the Falken Wildpeak AT3W tires is virtually inaudible. 

In the competition Toyo AT2 vs AT3, The Toyo AT2 tire has uniform voids and rubber contacts strategically placed in the tire’s centre. These ingenious design elements not only enhance its grip performance but also work to minimize the noise level emitted while driving. Toyo engineers have taken this concept even further with their upgraded model, the AT3.

The Toyo open country AT3 noise has been equipped with an improved uniform void and contact design, reducing noise levels compared to its predecessor. The tightly packed tread pattern of the AT3 contributes to its impressive noise reduction capabilities.

Comfort Level 

The Falken Wildpeak AT3W stands out in terms of comfort as it incorporates noise-canceling technology, taking its comfort level to new heights. This unique feature reduces road noise and vibrations, creating a more serene driving experience.

The tire’s silica tread compounds contribute to impeccable traction on various surfaces, enhancing performance and comfort. The sophisticated grooves on this tire allow for enhanced grip and handling, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

Similarly, Toyo’s Open Country AT3 also excels in comfort. With its raised angle sides, this tire provides improved stability, allowing for better control and an overall more comfortable ride. Also, the uniformly placed voids on the Open Country AT3 enhance the tire’s ability to absorb shocks and bumps along the road, resulting in a smoother driving experience.

toyo at3 vs falken at3w

The AT2 tire, compared to other tires available in the market, provides a lower level of comfort for two main reasons. First, it features limited uniform grooves on its surface, affecting its ability to disperse water and efficiently maintain traction during wet conditions. Proper tread design is needed to maintain overall comfort while driving.

The AT2 has less rubber contact with the road surface than other tires, reducing its comfort level. The reduced contact area decreases grip and stability when manoeuvring corners or navigating uneven terrain. This leads to a less smooth and stable ride experience for the driver and passengers.

Treadwear Warranty

Regarding treadwear warranty, the two standout performers are difference between Toyo AT2 and AT3 models. The Toyo Country AT2 impresses with its generous treadwear warranty of 65,000 miles, ensuring long-lasting durability for adventurous souls on the road. Its counterpart, the Open Country AT3, offers a similar confidence level with a 65,000-mile warranty for P metric sizes. 

If you’re looking for another reliable option, consider the Falken Wildpeak tire collection. This brand provides an impressive 55,000-mile tread warranty across all sizes. With this extensive coverage, drivers can trust their tires to withstand various road conditions and maintain optimal performance for an extended period.


The Toyo Open Country AT3 is available at a starting price of $145, which may vary depending on the tire size chosen. If you opt for a larger size, the price may increase accordingly. On the other hand, its predecessor, the AT2, has regular-sized tires priced at $260, while the larger ones cost approximately $380.

In comparison, the Falken Wildpeak AT3W offers a wider range of prices, ranging from as low as $137 to a maximum of $499. Thus, considering price alone, the Wildpeak AT3W emerges as the most affordable option among these three tire models.

Despite its lower price point, it is important to note that affordability does not necessarily compromise quality or performance. The Toyo Open Country AT3, Toyo Open Country AT2, and Falken Wildpeak AT3W are renowned for their durability, all-terrain capabilities, and exceptional traction.

If you’re seeking a tire that delivers exceptional performance on and off the road while ensuring safety in various weather conditions, look no further than the Falken Wildpeak AT3W. Its durability, excellent traction capabilities, and overall versatility make it an outstanding choice for adventurous drivers who demand reliability from their tires.

So, before you make your tire purchase decision, you must consider this comprehensive guide. Happy tire shopping!

Which Tire Offers Better Fuel Efficiency?

The Falken Wildpeak AT3W is known for its low rolling resistance technology, which helps improve fuel efficiency compared to the other two options.

Can Any Of These Tires Handle Heavy Loads?

Absolutely! In Toyo Open Country vs Falken Wildpeak, The Toyo Open Country AT2 has a robust construction that enables it to handle heavy loads effectively without compromising performance or safety.

What Is The Top Speed Of Toyo Open Country?

The top speed of Toyo Open Country tires depends on their speed rating. For S-speed-rated tires, the maximum speed is typically 112 mph (180 km/h). On the other hand, T-speed-rated tires have a higher top speed of around 118 mph (190 km/h), making them suitable for slightly faster driving situations.

Can I Use Falken Wildpeak AT3 vs AT3W On My SUV Or Truck?

The Falken Wildpeak AT3W vs Toyo Open Country AT3 tires work well for SUVs and trucks. They are made to give good traction on different types of terrain. These tires have a tough tread pattern and strong build, which makes them a good choice for handling the needs of bigger vehicles like SUVs and trucks.