20×8.5 Tire Size: What Fits This Rim?

In this article, we will provide you all the information you need to know about 20×8.5 Tire Size designed clearly for a 20×8.5 wheel. Regardless you are looking for performance tires or all-season options, we have got you covered. Read on to discover the best tire size options and how they can enhance your driving experience.

To know what size tire fits your rim, you should look for the car manual. It has important info like the right tire sizes for your car model. The car maker gives these recommendations to make sure your car works well and is safe. Remember, using a different tire size might make it harder to control the car, use more fuel, or even void your warranty.

Besides checking the owner’s manual, you can also find a sticker or label on the door jamb or inside the glove compartment. This label has important details like the right tire sizes for your vehicle’s trim level or any additional packages installed by the manufacturer.

Till now you know what tire size fits your rim. Now, let us investigate the suitable tire sizes that can be used with it.

235/30 R20: This size offers a lower profile with good traction and handling capabilities.

245/30 R20: Similar to the first option but slightly wider, offering increased grip and stability.

235/35 R20: With slightly taller sidewalls, these tires provide a smoother ride and better impact absorption.

245/35 R20: These tires strike a balance between performance and comfort, suitable for a variety of driving styles.

245/40 R20: A taller profile suited for those seeking a smoother ride and improved cushioning on rough surfaces.

245/45 R20: These tires offer additional sidewall height for enhanced comfort without compromising handling abilities.

20x8.5 Tire Size

For those looking for wider options:

255/30 R20: With added width, these tires deliver enhanced cornering grip and stability.
255/35 R20: Slightly taller sidewalls compared to the previous option, helping absorb bumps on the road.
255/45 R20: A versatile choice that balances comfort, performance, and aesthetics.

If you prefer even wider tires:

265/35 R20: These provide more surface contact area for increased grip during aggressive driving maneuvers.
275 /35 R20: The widest option listed here, ideal for maximizing performance at the expense of some ride comfort.

Understanding tire sizes can be challenging, but do not fear, as we present a concise breakdown of the sizing pattern found on your tire:

  1. When referring to 20 x 8.5 tires, it is essential to note that the first number indicates the total width of these tires in millimeters.
  2.  The second number represents the sidewall height as a percentage of the tire width. The presence of R signifies that these tires possess a radial construction. 

We can understand that the last number corresponds to the diameter of wheels recommended for these tires, measured in inches.

Let’s take an example of tire with dimensions 235/30 R20

  1. The tire’s width is indicated by the number 235. A wider tire improves stability while driving.
  2. The sidewall’s height compared to the width is indicated by the number 30. A lower number means a shorter sidewall, which improves handling and turning.
  3. The letter R represents radial construction, which is a common tire type. Radial tires have layers that encircle the tire, providing stability and better traction on various roads.

When it comes to choosing the right tire size for a 20×8.5 tires rim, there are a few options that are highly recommended. One of these is the 245 35 R20 tire size. 

20x8.5 Tire Size


  • This particular size offers a balanced combination of grip, handling, and style. The 245 width provides ample traction on different road surfaces, ensuring optimal performance during acceleration, braking, and cornering.
  • The 35-aspect ratio ensures precise control while navigating curves or corners. These tires also enhance the vehicle’s aesthetics by filling up the wheel well space nicely without going overboard with excessive sidewall height. 
  •  With slightly wider tread compared to the previous option, these tires offer increased stability and better contact with the road surface during high-speed drive.
  • Performance-oriented drivers will appreciate the enhanced responsiveness and improved cornering capabilities provided by this wider tire size. Both tire sizes mentioned above fit well within standard wheel wells without necessitating modifications or rubbing issues.

When it comes to choosing the right tire size for a 20 x 8.5 rim, one highly recommended option is the 275/35 R20.


  • By opting for wider tires, drivers can experience improved grip on the road, increasing overall control and stability. 
  • Wider tires also assist in reducing stopping distances by providing better contact with the surface.

Before installing these larger tires, it is essential to check for proper clearance. Since they are wider than standard tire sizes, there may be potential issues with fitment or rubbing against other components, such as suspension parts or fenders. Ensuring adequate clearance will prevent any possible damage and preserve the tire’s performance.

The recommended size for a conservative and narrow tire on 20×8.5 rims is the 235/30 R20. This size ensures a smooth ride while minimizing any negative impact on fuel efficiency. It is important to note that depending on the specifications of your vehicle, there may be some slight tire stretch when using this site. Despite this potential drawback, many car enthusiasts prefer the aesthetic appeal of stretched tires.

20x8.5 tires


  • The 235/30 R20 tire offers several advantages for those seeking a comfortable and efficient driving experience. Its conservative width allows for better driving, especially in tight spaces or crowded urban areas.
  •  The narrower profile contributes to a smoother ride by reducing road noise and improving overall stability.
  • You can also enjoy improved fuel efficiency. The narrower design reduces rolling resistance, translating into less energy needed to propel the vehicle forward. You can save money on fuel costs over time.


  • With certain vehicle specifications, installing these tires might lead to slight stretching. It means that the tire’s width will exceed its recommended range, potentially affecting its performance and longevity. It is crucial to consult your vehicle manufacturer or an experienced tire professional to ensure compatibility before making a final decision.
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The 235/30 R20 size is an ideal choice for those looking for conservative and narrow tires to fit their 20×8.5 Tire Size rims. With its ability to provide a smooth ride and minimal impact on fuel efficiency, it ticks the boxes for performance and economy. It’s important to note that there may be some tire stretch depending on the vehicle used. To ensure the best fit and performance, it is recommended to consult with a tire specialist or mechanic before making a purchase decision. 

What Is The Biggest Tire For a 8.5 Rim?

The biggest tire that can fit on an 8.5-inch rim would typically be a tire with a width of around 245mm to 255mm. This is because tire width is measured from sidewall to sidewall, so a wider tire would require a wider rim to properly support it.

What Does a Size 20 Tire Mean?

It shows wheel diameter, as it determines the appropriate tire size for your rims. To find this, look for the number following the letter R in the sequence. In the case of P245 50R20 102V, the wheel diameter is 20 inches, indicating that tires should be compatible with 20-inch wheels.

What Are The Disadvantages of 20 Inch Tires?

One disadvantage is that they have a higher risk of damage compared to tires on 17 or 18-inch wheels. This is because the tire on a 20-inch wheel has less sidewall, making it stiffer and more susceptible to punctures or wheel damage from obstacles on the road.

What Size Tire Can Fit On a 20 Inch Rim?

The width of tires suitable for 20-inch rims usually varies from 245mm to 275mm, and their aspect ratios fall between 30 and 45. The precise size of the tire is determined by the vehicle’s make and model, along with the performance features sought after.

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