A Class of Its Own: Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack vs Michelin CrossClimate 2

Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack vs Michelin CrossClimate 2: It’s not every day that two heavyweight competitors like Michelin and Bridgestone go head-to-head in the tire market. With both brands offering top-of-the-line products designed to meet diverse driving needs, it can be challenging to determine which one is the better choice for your vehicle.

Whether you prioritize versatility or premium performance, understanding how these two tire models stack up against each other will give you valuable insights into their features, benefits, and overall value. So buckle up as we explore the unique strengths of CrossClimate 2 and Turanza QuietTrack to guide you towards making a well-informed decision for your driving journey ahead.

Tiresawesome conducted a comprehensive test of four Grand Touring All-Season Tires, with a detailed focus on the Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack and the Michelin CrossClimate 2. Throughout the testing process, the Turanza QuietTrack was utilized as the benchmark at a score of 100 for comparative purposes. One notable element of the evaluation was subjective comfort, where each point equated to a substantial difference of 5.

The testing also encompassed an in-depth analysis of snow and ice performance. This entailed meticulous examination of acceleration, braking, and handling in snowy conditions. It’s important to note that the tire size tested during these assessments was 225/50/R17, specifically tailored for Audi A4 and Honda models.

The results of these tests offer pertinent insights into how these tires compare in real-world driving scenarios. Each aspect is meticulously examined to provide consumers with vital information when making informed purchasing decisions.

Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack vs Michelin CrossClimate 2

Wet road conditions can significantly impact tire-road friction, leading to increased accident risks compared to driving on dry roads. This is a key concern highlighted by the EU label, which emphasizes wet braking as an important criterion for evaluating tire performance. In an independent comparison, both CrossClimate 2 and Turanza QuietTrack tires demonstrated the same wet braking distance of 124.20 feet.

Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack vs Michelin CrossClimate 2
 Additional testing revealed that the CrossClimate 2 offers a slight advantage in both wet handling and subjective rating over the Turanza QuietTrack. As a result, the CrossClimate 2 outperforms its counterpart in providing better traction and control when driving on wet roads.

These findings underscore the importance of considering not only wet braking performance but also wet handling capabilities when selecting tires for safer driving in challenging weather conditions. With its demonstrated advantages in these areas, the CrossClimate 2 emerges as a compelling option for drivers seeking enhanced safety and performance on wet roads.

CrossClimate 2:

  • 0% in wet braking
  • +3.3% in wet handling (subj)
  • +0.8% in wet handling (lap time)

The CrossClimate 2 tire stands out with an impressive dry braking distance advantage of 13.8 feet, showcasing its remarkable performance in stopping on dry surfaces. Notably, it maintains consistent dry braking throughout its lifespan, making it a reliable choice for drivers seeking safety and control. Michelin successfully managed target conflict at a higher level, resulting in the CrossClimate 2 receiving accolades for its superior dry handling capabilities.

Scoring an impressive 7.63 out of 10 rating for subjective dry handling, the CrossClimate 2 delivered an exceptional performance that garnered recognition from industry experts and consumers alike. Its excellent dry-handling properties set it apart from competitors, demonstrating its ability to outmaneuver rivals like the Turanza QuietTrack. With its outstanding attributes and noteworthy advantages in both braking and handling on dry roads, the CrossClimate 2 proves to be a top contender in the tire market.

CrossClimate 2:

  • +16.1% in dry braking
  • +2.2% in dry handling (subj)
During the comparison test, it was found that both the CrossClimate 2 and Turanza QuietTrack tires displayed comparable performance in terms of ride comfort and noise levels. The CrossClimate 2 achieved a slightly higher rating of 7.96 out of 10 in ride comfort compared to the Turanza QuietTrack's rating of 7.79. When considering noise levels, comfort, and overall ride quality, the CrossClimate 2 consistently outperformed the Turanza QuietTrack with an average score that was 0.8 points higher across these categories.

This indicates that drivers using the CrossClimate 2 may experience a marginally quieter and more comfortable driving experience compared to those using the Turanza QuietTrack. The slight performance edge of the CrossClimate 2 over the Turanza QuietTrack could make a noticeable difference for individuals seeking enhanced comfort and reduced road noise during their everyday commuting or long-distance travels. These findings suggest that the CrossClimate 2 provides a slightly superior balance of ride comfort and noise reduction compared to its counterpart, the Turanza QuietTrack.

CrossClimate 2:

  • +0.8% in average of Noise, Comfort & Ride Quality.

Tiresawesome recently conducted rigorous testing on all-season tires to evaluate their performance in snowy conditions, with one standout finding: the CrossClimate 2 boasts a prestigious 3-peak mountain label, indicating its winter certification. This designation elevates the expectations for CrossClimate 2, as it is specifically engineered to excel in snow-covered terrains and harsh winter weather. As a result, experts anticipate that the CrossClimate 2 will outperform its competitors in snowy conditions, particularly when compared to the Turanza QuietTrack.

crossclimate 2 vs turanza quiettrack

The three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol signifies that the CrossClimate 2 has undergone extensive testing and meets stringent standards for winter tire performance. This includes traction and grip on icy roads, handling in slushy conditions, and overall effectiveness in providing safety and control during winter driving. With this esteemed certification, drivers can confidently rely on the CrossClimate 2 to deliver superior snow performance, offering peace of mind when facing challenging winter road conditions.

While other all-season tires may provide adequate performance in dry or wet conditions, their capabilities are often limited when it comes to navigating through snow and ice. The Turanza QuietTrack is likely to fall short in comparison due to its lack of specialized features tailored for optimal snow traction. By choosing the CrossClimate 2 with its 3PMSF certification, drivers can enjoy enhanced confidence and security during winter months, knowing they have a tire specifically designed to conquer even the most demanding snowy environments.

CrossClimate 2:

  • +4.6% in snow braking
  • +15.8% in snow acceleration
  • +5.5% in snow handling (subj)
  • +4.6% in snow handling (lap time)

The performance of the CrossClimate 2 tire in snowy and icy conditions, highlights its superiority in braking compared to the Turanza QuietTrack tire. The CrossClimate 2 demonstrated better traction on snow and ice, stopping 7.9 feet earlier than the Turanza QuietTrack at a braking speed of 12 mph.

CrossClimate 2:

  • +19.8% in ice braking

Despite Michelin’s reputation as the top technology innovator, we were surprised to find that the Turanza QuietTrack is priced higher than the CrossClimate 2, which goes against our expectations for the market leader.

Tire size: 225/50R17
CrossClimate 2: $208
Turanza QuietTrack: $233
Difference: -12% more cheaper for CrossClimate 2.

In conclusion, the comparison between Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack vs Michelin CrossClimate 2 demonstrates the remarkable performance of the former in dry, wet, comfortable noise, snow, and ice conditions. Michelin’s continuous display of superior technology leadership and market performance further solidifies the brand’s reputation for excellence.

With its exceptional all-around performance, it is evident that the CrossClimate 2 stands out as the best choice in its category. Whether navigating through different weather conditions or seeking a quieter and more comfortable ride, This tire proves to be a top contender. For those looking for optimal performance and reliability in their tires, choosing the CrossClimate 2 undoubtedly ensures a superior driving experience.

Is The Michelin CrossClimate 2 A Quiet Tire?

The CrossClimate2 car tires from MICHELIN USA have proven to be an excellent choice for my second set of tires. Specifically designed for those living in northern climates with snowy conditions. Their quiet operation on dry roads and impressive traction in snow make them a reliable and versatile option for drivers facing varying weather conditions.

How Long Do Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack Tires Last?

The Turanza QuietTrack touring tire provides a serene and smooth driving experience, offering excellent control in both wet and snowy weather conditions. These durable all-season tires are designed to endure for up to 80,000 miles on the road.

Why Are Bridgestone Tyres So Expensive?

Bridgestone is a high-end tire maker, and its prices reflect the top-notch quality of its products.. Mid-range brands such as Firestone (which is owned by Bridgestone) provide a balance of good quality at a more affordable price.

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