Ford F150 Lug And Bolt Pattern | 1980 – 2024

The Ford F150 has represented American quality and reliability for many years, always bringing new improvements. One crucial but often ignored aspect of these trucks is their lug and bolt pattern, which decides if aftermarket wheels will fit. 

This article looks at how the Ford F150 lug and bolt pattern has changed from 1980 to 2024. Whether you want to know about the history of truck engineering or need advice on changing your truck’s wheels, this exploration gives valuable information for customizing your Ford F150.

Why You Should Replace Ford F150 Lug Nuts?

The F-150 bolt pattern refers to the specific arrangement and sizing of the lug nuts on the wheel hub of Ford’s popular F-150 truck model. The F-150 typically has a bolt pattern of 6×135, meaning there are six lug nuts spaced in a circular pattern with a distance of 135mm between them.

Below, we’ve listed the F-150 bolt pattern, along with additional wheel specs as reference:

  • F-150 Bolt Pattern: 6×135
  • Stock Wheel Offset: -44 to 44 mm
  • Custom Offset Range: -76 to 44 mm
  • Center Hub Bore: 87.1
  • Thread Size: M14x1.5
  • Stock wheel Sizes: 17×7.5 – 24×12.0
  • Custom wheel Sizes: 17×10.0 – 24×9.5
  • Tire Sizes: 245/70 R17 – 285/35 R24

The lug pattern on Ford F-150 trucks has evolved over the years, adapting to new design trends and technological advancements. Each year brings a unique lug pattern that not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle but also ensures optimal performance and safety.

The lug and bolt pattern of the 1980-1986 Ford F150 is vital for owners and fans because it determines which wheels are compatible. The pattern shows the number of wheel studs and the diameter of the circle they form. 

The Ford F150 had a 5-lug pattern with a standard 5×5.5-inch spacing for these years. It means five-wheel studs are spaced 5.5 inches apart on the wheel hub. It’s essential to understand this pattern when choosing new wheels or rims for your classic Ford truck. 

Ford F150 lug and bolt pattern

Make sure that any new wheels you choose match this specific 5×5.5-inch pattern to ensure they fit correctly and are safe to use on your vehicle. Any changes in tire size should also consider this pattern to avoid brake clearance or alignment issues. Attention to these details about the lug and bolt patterns on the Ford F150 is crucial.

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBot Pattern
1981 Ford F15055×5.50″ (5×139.7mm)
1982 Ford F-15055×5.50″ (5×139.7mm)
1983 Ford F-15055×5.50″ (5×139.7mm)
1984 Ford F-15055×5.50″ (5×139.7mm)
1985 Ford F-15055×5.50″ (5×139.7mm)
1986 Ford F-15055×5.50″ (5×139.7mm)

1987 – 1991 Ford F150 Bolt Pattern And Lug Pattern

The Ford F150, made from 1987 to 1991, has specific bolt and lug patterns that are important for anyone who wants to change the wheels on this old truck.

For F150 models from this time, the bolt pattern is usually 5×139.7mm (or 5×5.5 inches), with a center bore of about 87.1mm. It’s essential to know these measurements when looking for new wheels because using wheels with the wrong bolt or lug pattern can cause problems with mounting, make driving unsafe, and damage the vehicle and new wheels. 

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBot Pattern
1987 Ford F-15055×5.50″ (5×139.7mm)
1988 Ford F-15055×5.50″ (5×139.7mm)
1989 Ford F-15055×5.50″ (5×139.7mm)
1990 Ford F-15055×5.50″ (5×139.7mm)
1991 Ford F-15055×5.50″ (5×139.7mm)

The lug and bolt pattern on the 1992-1996 Ford F-150 is a crucial aspect of its design, directly affecting its compatibility with different wheels. With an awareness of this vital detail, F-150 owners can confidently explore a wide range of wheel options that complement their truck’s unique character while ensuring optimum safety and functionality. 

Enhanced off-road capability or a sleek urban look, knowledge of the lug pattern empowers enthusiasts to make informed decisions when choosing new wheels for their 1992-1996 Ford F-150.

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBot Pattern
1992 Ford F-15055×5.50″ (5×139.7mm)
1993 Ford F-15055×5.50″ (5×139.7mm)
1994 Ford F-15055×5.50″ (5×139.7mm)
1995 Ford F-15055×5.50″ (5×139.7mm)
1996 Ford F-15055×5.50″ (5×139.7mm)

For the 1997-2003 models, the F-150 had a 5×135 bolt pattern. It means it had five lug nuts spaced 135 millimeters apart. Knowing this pattern is essential when looking for aftermarket wheels or spacers. It determines which options will work with your truck. 

Ford F150 bolt pattern and Lug Pattern

Ford used this specific pattern for better performance and safety during this time. The right wheel fit is essential for stability and handling, whether off-roading or driving on the highway.

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBot Pattern
1997 Ford F-15055×5.31″ (5x135mm)
1998 Ford F-15055×5.31″ (5x135mm)
1999 Ford F-15055×5.31″ (5x135mm)
2000 Ford F-15055×5.31″ (5x135mm)
2001 Ford F-15055×5.31″ (5x135mm)
2002 Ford F-15055×5.31″ (5x135mm)
2003 Ford F-15055×5.31″ (5x135mm)

During this time, Ford kept a consistent lug and bolt pattern of 6x135mm for different trims and setups. This standardization made it easier for owners to change wheels or add aftermarket rims without extra adapters or changes. 

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBot Pattern
2004 Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2005 Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2006 Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2007 Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2008 Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)

The Ford F-150 trucks have a lug and bolt pattern made between 2009 and 2014 that many truck fans care about. The lug pattern for these models is usually 6×135, meaning six lug nuts are evenly spaced on a 135mm circle.

Ford F150 lug Pattern and bolt pattern
Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBot Pattern
2009 Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2010 Ford F150 lug pattern66×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2011 F150 lug pattern66×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2012 Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2013 Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2014 F150 lug pattern66×5.31″ (6x135mm)

The 2015-2020 Ford F-150 has a 6-lug pattern many people are interested in. This pattern makes the truck stable and secure on the road. It also allows for a wide range of aftermarket options so owners can personalize their F-150.

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBot Pattern
2015 Ford F150 lug pattern66×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2016 F150 lug pattern66×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2017 Ford F150 lug pattern66×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2018 Ford f150 lug pattern66×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2019 Ford f150 lug pattern66×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2020 Ford F150 bolt pattern66×5.31″ (6x135mm)

The 2021-2024 Ford F-150 has a strong lug and bolt pattern that many truck fans and car lovers are interested in. This feature is essential because it determines what wheels and tires can be used, which affects how the truck looks and how well it drives.

Ford F150 lug and Ford F150 bolt pattern

The F-150 has a standard 6-lug setup with a bolt pattern of 6x135mm, allowing for various wheel options and ensuring a precise fit for safety and maneuverability. It is beneficial as more people customize their trucks with aftermarket parts.

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBot Pattern
2021 Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2022 Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)
2023 Ford F-15066×5.31″ (6x135mm)

The Ford F150 lug and bolt pattern has changed from 1980 to 2024, improving the vehicle’s performance, safety, and compatibility with different wheel configurations. We can expect more changes to meet modern driving needs as technology advances. 

If you’re a car enthusiast or a regular driver, it’s essential to understand the evolution of the F150 lug and bolt pattern to ensure your wheels fit securely. Stay informed about future changes to make intelligent decisions about upgrading or customizing your Ford F150.

What Lug Pattern Is A Ford F150?

The Ford F150 usually has a lug pattern of 6×135, which means there are 6 lug nuts, and the distance between opposite lug nuts is 135 millimeters. This pattern is typical for many Ford F150 models and is essential when choosing aftermarket wheels or tires.

What Size Is The 2023 F150 Lug Pattern?

The 2023 F150 has a lug pattern of 6×135, which means it has six lugs spaced 135mm apart. This pattern is typical for F150 trucks and is essential when buying new wheels or tires. It’s best to check the specifications with a trusted source before purchasing to ensure they fit your vehicle.

How To Measure The Bolt Pattern Ford F150?

The main bolt patterns for Ford F150s are 5×135 and 6×135. This means there are either 5 or 6 lug nuts with a distance of 135mm between each one. You can measure this distance with a ruler or caliper in millimeters. Using a bolt pattern gauge tool can be placed over the lug nut holes to accurately determine the bolt pattern of your Ford F150.

Who Uses A 6×135 Bolt Pattern?

6×135 Wheels | 6×135 Rims | 6×135 Bolt Pattern | Discount Tire
Despite being found on several popular vehicles, this bolt pattern is quite distinctive. Ford trucks and SUVs such as the F-150, Ford Expedition, Lincoln Mark LT, and Lincoln Navigator all feature 6×135 wheels.

Will Aftermarket Wheels Fit My 2016 F150 Wheel Bolt Pattern With Stock Suspension?

Yes, aftermarket wheels can fit your 2016 F150 as long as they have the same wheel bolt pattern as the stock wheels. The 2016 F150 wheel bolt pattern typically has a 6×135 bolt pattern, so you will need to ensure that any aftermarket wheels you choose also have this same bolt pattern.

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