2002 – 2021 Ford Fusion Lug And Bolt Pattern

The Ford Fusion lug and bolt pattern has remained consistent from 2002 to 2021, with a standard configuration of 5 lugs and a bolt pattern of 5x108mm. This design offers good stability and handling, which makes it a reliable choice for drivers. The uniformity in lug and bolt patterns over the years demonstrates Ford’s commitment to maintaining quality and consistency in their vehicle designs.

In today’s post, I’ll explain everything you want to know about the Ford fusion bolt pattern and Lug Pattern that holds our beloved Fusions together. So stay tuned!

What Wheels Fit Ford Fusion?
Ford Fusion Lug And Bolt Pattern

The 2002 and 2005 Ford Fusion models are stylish, perform well, and are reliable. Knowing the other Ford Ranger lug and bolt pattern is essential when changing your car’s wheels. This pattern allows for many different wheel options. You can choose from alloy wheels or steel rims that fit your Ford Fusion from either model year. 

2002 – 2005 Ford Fusion Specifications

The Fusion is different from other cars because of its lug and bolt pattern. The center bore is 63.4mm, so the wheels fit securely and keep you safe on the road. The 2002-2005 Ford Fusion uses M12 x 1.5 thread size for wheel fasteners. This makes it easy to find compatible wheel nuts or bolts when changing your tires or upgrading your wheels. Given below are some of the Lug and Bolt Patterns for specific models:

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBolt Pattern
2002 Ford Fusion44×4.25″ (4x108mm)
2003 Ford Fusion44×4.25″ (4x108mm)
2004 Ford Fusion44×4.25″ (4x108mm)
2005 Ford Fusion44×4.25″ (4x108mm)

For older models made between 2006 and 2008, the lug pattern is 5×108 mm. They have five lugs on each wheel spaced 108 millimeters apart. 2009 Ford introduced a Sports version of the Fusion with a different lug pattern – 5×114.3 mm. This change in bolt pattern can have advantages and challenges for Ford Fusion owners who want to upgrade their wheels or tires. 

2006 – 2009 Ford Fusion Wheel Bolt Pattern Specifications

The 2006-2009 Ford Fusion has a center bore and hub bore size of 63.4 mm. This is important to know when installing aftermarket wheels or making any changes to the wheel setup. The thread size for the wheel fasteners is M12 x 1.5, so you’ll need lug nuts with that size to fit and secure the wheels properly onto the vehicle hub.

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBolt Pattern
2006 Ford Fusion lug pattern44×4.25″ (4x108mm)
2007 Ford Fusion lug pattern44×4.25″ (4x108mm)
2008 Ford Fusion lug pattern44×4.25″ (4x108mm)
2009 Ford Fusion lug pattern44×4.25″ (4x108mm)
2011 ford fusion lug pattern

Regarding the 2010-2012 Ford Fusions, you can expect a 5-lug pattern with a bolt circle diameter of 114.3 mm (4.5 inches). In this, each wheel will have five evenly spaced holes to attach it securely to the vehicle.

2010 – 2012 Ford Fusion Specifications

While buying a used Ford Fusion from 2006 to 2009, it’s essential to know the size of the center bore and hub bore. The measurement, 63.4 mm, determines if aftermarket wheels will fit properly. So, ensure the wheels fit correctly before getting excited about fancy rims! 

Now, let’s talk about the wheel fasteners – specifically, the size and type of lug nuts you’ll need for your Fusion. With a thread pitch of M12 x 1.5, these lug nuts keep your wheels securely attached to your car’s hubs. To avoid problems later on, ensure any new lug nuts you buy match this specification. 

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBolt Pattern
2010 Ford Fusion55×4.5″ (5×114.3mm)
2011 Ford Fusion55×4.5″ (5×114.3mm)
2012 Ford Fusion55×4.5″ (5×114.3mm)

The 2013 and 2016 Ford Fusions have a five-lug configuration, making them look clean and symmetrical. The lug patterns, along with the sleek body lines, enhance the overall appearance of these models. Both years’ Fusion models have a standard four-bolt pattern for attaching wheels, making it easy to find aftermarket wheels or change your factory ones.

2013 – 2016 Ford Fusion Specifications

The 2013-2016 Ford Fusion has a center hole that is 63.4 mm wide. This hole fits over the hub of the car and keeps the wheels attached. Steel wheels use M20x1.5 screws, while the aluminum wheels use M14x1.5 screws. Ford made these specifications to match the different materials used in the wheels.

ear/Make/ModelLug PatternBolt Pattern
2013 Ford Fusion55×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2014 Ford Fusion55×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2015 Ford Fusion55×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2016 Ford Fusion55×4.25″ (5x108mm)

The wheels on these models have five bolts that hold them to the hub, making the ride smooth and stable. Ford pays attention to small details like stylish chrome lug nuts to make the Fusion look sophisticated. The bolt pattern, or PCD, is five bolts on a 108mm circle for both 2017 and 2018 models. This measurement determines if aftermarket wheels will fit if you want to change the style.

ford fusion bolt pattern

2017 – 2018 Ford Fusion Specifications

The 2017-2018 Ford Fusion has a center and hub bore of 63.4mm. You must ensure the new wheels have a compatible center bore size to fit correctly on your car’s hub without wobbling or shaking. The Ford Fusion uses M12 x 1.5 thread size for its wheel fasteners. This means each wheel stud has an M12 diameter with a metric pitch of 1.5mm between each thread rotation.

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBolt Pattern
2017 Ford Fusion55×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2018 Ford Fusion55×4.25″ (5x108mm)
Ford Fusion Lug And Bolt Pattern

The model has five bolts evenly placed in a circle to secure the wheel to the hub assembly, ensuring safe driving. These bolts can create various appearances when paired with different wheel designs. When selecting wheels for your Fusion, you have many options in size and style. The bolt pattern affects tire rotation and compatibility with aftermarket wheels.

2019 – 2021 Ford Fusion Specifications

The 2019-2021 Ford Fusion has a 63.4mm center bore and hub bore size. The thread size for wheel fasteners is M12 x 1.5. To avoid loose connections or damage, make sure to have this information when choosing new lug nuts or bolts. Lug nuts are used with stock and aftermarket wheels on the Ford Fusion to attach the wheels to the hubs securely.

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBolt Pattern
2019 Ford Fusion55×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2020 Ford Fusion55×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2021 Ford Fusion55×4.25″ (5x108mm)

The Ford Fusion Lug And Bolt Pattern has stayed the same from 2002 to 2021. This is good news for Fusion owners who want to replace their wheels or tires. Knowing that the lug and bolt pattern has stayed the same makes it easier to find the right parts.

If you have an old or new Fusion, you can confidently shop for new wheels or tires, knowing they will fit perfectly. So, if you want to upgrade your wheels or change the look of your car, go ahead and explore all the options available with confidence!

What Bolt Pattern Is A Ford Fusion?

Ford Fusions usually have a bolt pattern 5×108 and an offset between 35mm and 45mm. Look for wheels that meet these specifications. Consider the wheel size you prefer. Most Fusions have 17-inch wheels, but you can choose slightly larger or smaller sizes without issues.

What is the 2014 Ford Fusion bolt pattern?

The 2014 Ford Fusion has five lug nuts with a distance of 108 millimeters between each one. When buying new wheels or tires for your car, it’s essential to match the bolt pattern for safe installation. If you want new wheels for your Fusion, ensure they have a 5×108 bolt pattern.

What is the 2017 Ford Fusion lug pattern?

The 2017 Ford Fusion has a lug pattern called 5×108. This means the wheel has five circles, each 108 millimeters apart. When changing or buying new wheels for the car, it’s important to find ones with five holes spaced 108 millimeters apart.

What will the 2014 Ford Fusion lug pattern be?

The 2014 Ford Fusion has a unique lug pattern called 5×108. It has five holes in the hub for attaching wheels securely. The holes are arranged in a circular shape measuring 108 millimeters across.

What is the Ford f150 lug pattern?

The Ford F150 has six lug nuts on each wheel, arranged in a circular pattern with a diameter of 135 millimeters. Make sure to get wheels that match the 6×135 lug pattern if you want to upgrade or replace them.

What is a Ranger lug pattern?

The Ford Ranger Wheel Bolt Lug Pattern Chart (1982 – 2024) shows that Ford Rangers introduced after 2019 have a 6×139.7 or 6 5.5 bolt pattern. Before this, most models had a different wheel design. During the period from 1982 to 2012, the initial three generations were equipped with a 5 4.5 inch (or 5 114.3 mm) pattern.

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