Goodyear Assurance MaxLife vs Michelin Defender2 (Updated With Winter Results!)

Picking either the Goodyear Assurance MaxLife vs Michelin Defender2 relies upon what’s essential to you, similar to how the tires handle, how long they last, and your spending plan. The Michelin Defender2 is truly agreeable and calm due to the extraordinary plan decreases outside sound and makes the ride smoother.

The Goodyear Assurance MaxLife is known for its interesting track design that assists the tire with wearing uniformly, prompting better long-haul execution. Even though these tires might appear to be comparative, they have various highlights that might suit different driving inclinations. This article expects to look at these two tire models “Michelin Defender vs Goodyear Assurance” exhaustively, so you can settle on an educated choice that accommodates your driving necessities.

Results Goodyear Assurance MaxLife vs Michelin Defender2

Result Of: “Michelin Defender 2 vs Goodyear Assurance Maxlife” The Affirmation MaxLife was picked as the norm at the 100 rating level. As we would see it, each point approaches 5 units. For instance, if tire An is evaluated 7 and tire B is evaluated 6, An is superior to B by 5. 

The two tires are the entire season tires and have been tried for snow and ice execution. More far-reaching testing will be finished toward the finish of the 2022-23 winter season. This nitty-gritty testing will incorporate snow execution estimates like speed increase, slowing down, and dealing with. 

Goodyear Assurance MaxLife vs Michelin Defender2

The particular tire size being inspected is 205 55R16, a generally involved size for vehicles like the Volkswagen Golf (2018) and Toyota Corolla Altis (2018). For additional subtleties on tire sizes, if it’s not too much trouble, see our most recent table. The testing will be finished utilizing an energetic 2022 Subaru BRZ Restricted.

Wet Performance

Wet streets have less grating for tires than dry streets, which makes them bound to have mishaps in wet circumstances. The EU name thinks about wet slowing down as one of its three rules. In wet slowing down, Assurance MaxLife out-braked Michelin Defender2 by 5 feet (1.5m). Assurance MaxLife likewise had a 1.7-second advantage in wet dealing with lap time.

A superior emotional wet taking care of rating of 6.35 out of 10 contrasted with Defender2’s 5.82 out of 10. By and large, Affirmation MaxLife performed better compared to Defender2 in every wet condition. Defender2 had lower scores in wet slowing down, wet taking care of (abstract), and wet dealing with (lap time).

Dry Performance

In dry circumstances, well-being is typically not an issue because the slowing down distance is longer than in wet circumstances. Nonetheless, this is the typical everyday use and the tires need to reliably perform. While Assurance MaxLife was better in wet circumstances, Defender2 was somewhat better in dry circumstances. 

Both Assurance MaxLife and Defender2 had the option to slow down similarly, with a slowing down distance of 92.4 feet (28.1m) from a speed of 50mph (80km/h) to 0. As far as dry taking care of, the two tires performed in much the same way, with Assurance MaxLife enjoying a slight benefit with an emotional rating of 6.7/10 contrasted with Defender2’s 6.53/10. 

Goodyear Assurance MaxLife vs Michelin Defender2

The two tires Goodyear Assurance vs Michelin Defender had a similar lap time, with just 0.01 seconds of contrast between them. By and large, the two tires performed in much the same way in dry circumstances, with Assurance MaxLife enjoying a slight benefit. Defender2: 0 in dry slowing down, – 0.8 in dry dealing with (emotional), 0 in dry taking care of (lap time).

Noise, Comfort & Ride Quality

Affirmation MaxLife and Defender2 tires were tried for solace, commotion, and execution in dry and wet circumstances. Affirmation MaxLife scored 6.95 out of 10, somewhat higher than Defender2’s 6.88. The primary contrast was in commotion, with Defender2 scoring 0.4 below normal clamour, solace, and ride quality contrasted with Assurance MaxLife. 

In particular, Defender2 had higher commotion levels than Assurance MaxLife, influencing solace and ride quality. In any case, the two tires performed in basically the same manner in dry and wet circumstances for solace and ride quality.

Snow Performance

At the point when we look at the snow execution of Goodyear Affirmation MaxLife and Michelin Defender2 tires, we notice a few distinctions. The Goodyear tires prevent from 25 to 0 mph in 58.30 feet, while the Michelin tires take 61.10 feet. This implies the Goodyear tires perform better by 2.8 feet in snow slowing down. 

For snow speed increase, the Goodyear tires need 32.30 feet to advance from 0 to 12 mph, while the Michelin tires require 37.20 feet. In abstract snow taking care of, evaluated out of 10, the Goodyear tires score 4.50, outperforming the Michelin tires which score 3.83. At last, as far as snow dealing with lap time, Goodyear tires total a lap in 60.34 seconds, quicker than Michelin tires, which require 63.07 seconds. 

goodyear assurance vs michelin defender

Goodyear Assurance MaxLife tires show better snow execution in completely tried perspectives contrasted with Michelin Defender2 tires. Michelin Defender2 scores – 4.6 in Snow slowing down, – 13.2 in Snow Speed increase, and – 3.4 in Snow taking care of.

Ice Performance

The Goodyear Assurance MaxLife and Michelin Defender2 tires have clear contrasts in ice execution. With regards to preventing ice from 12 to 0 mph, the Goodyear tires stop at 69.20 feet, while the Michelin tires stop at 73.20 feet. This gives Goodyear a 4-foot advantage.

For ice speed increase, the Goodyear tires cover 60 feet in 7.03 seconds, while the Michelin tires require 7.69 seconds. Goodyear Affirmation MaxLife tires outflank the Michelin Defender2 tires in both slowing down and speed increase on cold surfaces. The Defender2 lingers behind by 5.5 in ice slowing down and 8.6 in ice speed increase.

Wear/UTQG rating

We have recently shown that UTQG track wear rating can be a decent sign of your normal mileage. The following are the UTQG upsides of both of the tirelines.

BrandTirelineSizeTread WearTractionTemperature
GoodyearAssurance MaxLifeAll820AB

The Defender2 has a mileage guarantee of 80,000 miles, while the Assurance MaxLife has a higher guarantee at 85,000 miles. The mileage guarantee was not adjusted because the Defender2 has a 20-point higher UTQG track wear rating contrasted with the Assurance MaxLife. 

As per Michelin’s test report, the normal mileage of the Defender2 is 94,400 miles, while Goodyear’s Assurance MaxLife is 51,900 miles. This gives an 80 benefit in wear for the Defender2. For more data about UTQG, kindly look at this article. Defender2 has 81.9 in wear.

Fuel Efficiency

Investigations have discovered that the Goodyear Assurance MaxLife has a 31% preferable turning opposition over its rivals, which saves a ton of fuel over the long run. This implies it can further develop eco-friendliness by 1-2 miles for every gallon (mpg), which is perfect for drivers who need to get more miles out of their fuel. 

goodyear assurance vs michelin defender

The Michelin Defender2 likewise has great fuel-saving elements, with up to 20% less moving obstruction than past models. This can further develop eco-friendliness by 0.5-1 mpg contrasted with normal entire season tires. 


As the top innovation pioneer in the business, Michelin is famous for delivering top-notch tires. This standing normally positions them as a brand related to premium estimating. While looking at the Defender2 and Assurance MaxLife Goodyear tires, the cost distinction shows that Michelin anticipates that clients should pay something else for the Defender2. 

The 205 55R16 Defender2 costs $166, while the Affirmation MaxLife costs $149. This implies there’s a $17 cost contrast, showing that Michelin positions itself as a supplier of more extravagant items due to their innovation and quality. The cost error makes it apparent that Michelin adjusts its item range with various evaluating levels in light of innovation and highlights.


The Goodyear Assurance MaxLife vs Michelin Defender2 tires were analyzed, and the outcomes currently incorporate winter execution. The two tires performed well in various driving circumstances. The Goodyear tire would do well for footing and taking care of in winter, making it a decent decision for individuals in chilly regions.

The Michelin tire is a serious area of strength for yet solidness and eco-friendliness, which is great for drivers who need enduring tires and to set aside cash. Individuals really should ponder their driving necessities and needs while picking between these two tires. With this new data, individuals can settle on a brilliant choice given what they need for driving.


Which Is Better Goodyear Assurance MaxLife vs Michelin Defender 2?

At the point when you look at them, it relies upon what you want and like. Goodyear tires since they keep going for quite a while and function admirably in all climates. Michelin tires are known for their extraordinary dealing with and solace, particularly in superior execution vehicles.

What Is Goodyear’s Longest-Enduring Tire?

The Goodyear Affirmation MaxLife is Goodyear’s longest-enduring tire. It is made to keep going for quite a while, with up to 85,000 miles of solid execution. The tire has an extraordinary track compound and example that are intended for strength, settling on it an incredible decision for drivers.

What Are The Disservices Of Michelin Tires?

One normal grumbling is that Michelin tires can be more costly than different brands, which may not accommodate everybody’s spending plan. A few drivers have noticed that Michelin tires might have a marginally firmer ride contrasted with different brands, which could influence solace for certain people.

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