Toyo Open Country RT vs Toyo Open Country MT vs Nitto Trail Grappler: Who Wins The Comparison?

The top three tires, Toyo Open Country RT vs Toyo Open Country MT vs Nitto Trail Grappler, are getting attention in the car industry for their great mud, snow, rock, sand, and gravel performance. These three vehicles are really impressive. This article will compare how well the tires perform in different areas to find the best one for each performance measure.

Toyo Open Country RT vs Nitto Trail Grappler vs Toyo Open Country MT

Nitto Trail Grapplers vs Toyo Open Country MT vs Toyo Open Country RT: Comparison Table

Buying off-road tires can be overwhelming, especially for first-time buyers. You need to compare the key features of different products to make informed decisions. The table below shows important information about three popular tire models. It will help you choose the best model for your needs.

Toyo Open Country RTToyo Open Country MTNitto Trail Grappler
Off-road performance3*54
On-road performance534
Snow and ice performance543
Noise level432
Comfort level 543
Treadwear warranty45,000 miles Limited warrantyLimited warranty
5 shows excellent performance, 4 shows good performance, 3 is Fair, 2 is terrible, and 1 is Very Bad.

Toyo Open Country RT vs Toyo Open Country MT vs Nitto Trail Grappler: Detailed Analysis

The Toyo Open Country RT, with its rugged terrain capabilities, can conquer extreme off-road environments and handle regular road surfaces with equal ease. This tire offers the perfect balance between all-terrain and mud-terrain tires.

The Open Country MT and Nitto Grappler are specifically designed Mud Terrain (MT) that excel in tackling rugged and challenging terrains. Unlike their RT counterparts, the MT tires have lower mileage warranties due to their aggressive tread patterns. 

Off-road Performance

Driving off-road necessitates using robust and cut-resistant tires that can offer strong sidewall construction, enabling them to withstand sharp rocks and jagged obstacles without sustaining damage or punctures. 

Toyo Open Country MT

The Toyo Open Country MT’s considered winner robust 3-ply construction and reinforced polyester casing make it highly durable. Whether traversing rocky paths, sandy dunes, or muddy tracks, these tires consistently deliver the best performance.

Toyo Open Country RT vs Toyo Open Country MT vs Nitto Trail Grappler

These tires have a low wear rate and are built to last, ensuring that you can enjoy them without the hassle and expense of frequent tire replacements.

Nitto Trail Grappler

The Nitto Trail Grappler is a tire that may not have the same level of performance, but it still has a decent set of attributes due to its aggressive tread block pattern, which allows the tire to dig into loose surfaces and maintain control on rough terrain.

By utilizing a 3-ply sidewall construction design, the tire effectively withstands the abrasive forces generated by encounters with stones and other debris encountered on your off-road adventures.

Toyo Open Country RT

The RT falls behind when it comes to enhancing grip on challenging terrain. This feature contributes to its ability to navigate through deep mud, loose gravel, and sand without succumbing to various obstacles. 

On-road Performance

When choosing the correct set of tires, the tires on this list are highly praised for their off-road capabilities; you wouldn’t want to compromise your comfort and convenience.

Toyo Open Country RT

The Toyo Open Country RT emerges as the winner, with its internal belts and polyester construction ensuring a tranquil and smooth ride. Polyester construction adds strength and durability to the tire’s construction, making it a long-lasting investment for your vehicle.

Nitto Trail Grappler

The Nitto Trail Grappler is a versatile tire that offers impressive performance due to Nitto’s careful engineering, which includes spaced blocks designed to expel debris from the tread effectively.

Some customers have reported that the Trail Grappler can be noisy during operation. If noise concerns you, it may be wise to consider alternatives before making your purchase decision.

Toyo Open Country RT vs Toyo Open Country MT vs Nitto Trail Grappler

Open Country MT

The Open Country MT has gained a degree of notoriety for its tendency to vibrate at highway speeds. This vibration issue may cause discomfort, making it less than ideal for daily commuting or frequent long-distance travel.

Snow and Ice Performance

The Toyo Open Country RT emerges as the winner is specially designed with open and scalloped shoulders. With its exceptional shoulder design, it boasts deep sipes that serve a crucial purpose in providing excellent performance. 

The presence of sipes, which are tiny grooves carved into the tread patterns of the tire, serves a crucial purpose in reducing the likelihood of hydroplaning, which occurs when a layer of water builds up between your tires and the road surface, leading to a loss of traction.

toyo open country mt vs.nitto trail grappler

Noise Level

Regarding off-road vehicles, road noise is often seen as an acceptable trade-off for enhanced performance. The Toyo Open Country RT is an exceptional tire. It emerges as the winner that employs a one-of-a-kind polyester construction and rugged build, resulting in reduced noise production and nearly silent rides whenever necessary.

The Open Country MT and the Nitto Trail Grappler are two popular options for off-road enthusiasts. Both of these tires offer commendable performance, but they do have some limitations in terms of noise reduction.

Comfort Level

Regarding comfort, one tire that stands out is the Toyo Open Country RT. This tire excels at providing an enjoyable driving experience with its remarkable adaptability.

The Toyo Open Country MT’s well-designed tread blocks ensure optimal traction and its impressive performance is further enhanced by its durability and ability to withstand rough conditions.

The Nitto Trail Grappler falls short in terms of comfort compared to both; its design may not provide the same level of smoothness during rides.

Treadwear Warranty

The Toyo Open Country RT is a winner. It is renowned for its exceptional durability and has an impressive 45,000-mile warranty protection plan. This warranty offers buyers peace of mind without incurring additional costs.

Regarding durability, the Toyo Open Country RT tire surpasses the other two tires in terms of warranty. If you value long-lasting and reliable performance from your tires, this is an excellent choice. 

toyo mt vs rt

Considering options like the Open Country MT and Nitto Trail Grappler, it is essential to note that both tires only provide limited warranties without a specific mileage guarantee.

  1. If your tire is worn less than 1/32 of an inch and experiences a defect, you can take advantage of the manufacturer’s free replacement policy, which also replaces the tire at no cost. 
  2. If your tire is worn less than 25 times and develops a defect, the manufacturer will also provide a free replacement. There is a condition that the tire must be no older than 60 months. 
  3. The manufacturer offers a pro-rated replacement if a tire’s wear rate exceeds 25 but falls within the 60-month limit. They will replace the tire based on its remaining tread life percentage.

There are generally two types: the standard mileage warranty and the limited warranty. The limited warranty has complex terms that make it more challenging to take advantage of. If you’re seeking a simplified approach with peace of mind, opting for a model like the Open Country RT might be a better choice.


Off-road tires tend to wear out, and the cost of replacements can accumulate rapidly if you opt for an expensive model.

  • The Nitto Trail Grappler stands out as the ultimate choice for buyers who are conscious of their budget. This tire starts at an attractive price point of just $271.
  • The Toyo Open Country RT starts at a higher price of $347.
  • The Open Country MT is the most expensive option, starting at $359. While some might hesitate due to its higher price tag, make it worth the investment.

Final Thoughts

To decide between the Toyo Open Country RT vs Toyo Open Country MT vs Nitto Trail Grappler, one must consider their individual preferences and specific needs. The Toyo Open Country RT is great for driving daily because it performs well on all terrains and is quiet on the road. The Toyo Open Country MT is best for extreme off-road conditions because it has a rugged tread design. The Nitto Trail Grappler is a good option for people who want a tire that can handle off-road driving and still provide a comfortable ride.


How many miles do Nitto tires last?

Nitto has developed a groundbreaking tire, providing a 65,000-mile limited treadwear warranty for hard metric sizes (50,000 miles for LT-metric and floatation sizes) on their versatile Terra Grappler G2 all-terrain tires while maintaining optimal performance.

How long do Toyo Open Country MT tires last?

Toyo Open Country MT tires can endure exceptionally long distances (up to 60,000 miles). A study conducted by 29.6 discovered that specific individuals experienced mileage surpassing the 45,000-mile mark with these tires. Respondents surveyed by 24.1 reported an average range of 35,000 to 45,000 miles with the MT tire series.

Who are Toyo Tire’s competitors?

Toyo Tire Corporation, previously known as Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd., is a Japanese company primarily involved in the tire industry. Some of Toyo Tires’ rivals and comparable companies include Yokohama Tire, Michelin Italiana, Zhejiang Tiancheng Controls, and DENSO International America.