Hyper Dip vs Plasti Dip: Which Is Better?

This article will discuss vehicle customization and explore the battle between two popular options, Hyper Dip vs Plasti Dip. Both products offer an affordable way to transform your car’s appearance; we’ve got you covered whether you’re after a bold and vibrant finish or a sleek matte appearance. Get ready for an in-depth comparison that will help you make an informed decision on how to take your car’s style to the next level.

Hyper Dip vs Plasti Dip: What Are They?

What Is Hyper Dip?

Hyper dip is an innovative form of peel-able aerosol paint that has revolutionized the world of automotive customization. The hyper dip’s satin black hue has a unique depth that adds elegance and stylishness to any car.

Unlike traditional black paints, this shade releases a subtle glossiness, giving it a sleek and sophisticated look. It boasts the right amount of shine, drawing attention without overpowering the overall aesthetic.

Hyper Dip vs Plasti Dip


The peeled paint layer protects against scratches, UV rays, and harsh weather while preserving the original surfaces underneath. You can be creative without damaging your vehicle. Applying hyperdip is easy, even for beginners. The aerosol format allows for precise spraying, giving a professional outcome. Removal is hassle-free, with no residue left behind.

What Is Plasti Dip?

Plasti Dip is a versatile paint that can be air-dried and is made from PVC. It offers a range of applications and can be used through dipping, spraying, or brushing techniques. The finish of Plasti Dip is known for its distinct matte black appearance.

Unlike traditional glossy finishes, it lacks shine or sheen, giving surfaces a smooth, flat black color. This characteristic makes it ideal for projects where a non-reflective finish is desired.

Hyper Dip vs Plasti Dip


Plasti Dip is an excellent way to protect different materials. It creates a strong coating that can handle everyday use and protects against moisture, heat, and chemicals. The best part is that it’s easy to remove if you no longer need it or want to change the color or texture. It works on metal, plastic, rubber, wood, and glass for cars, tools, electronics, and more.

Hyperdip vs Plasti Dip: What Are The Differences?

Hyper DipPlasti Dip
PopularityLess viciousMore vicious
Colour RangeEasy to Apply RemoveEasier to Apply Remove
Durability of ColorMore DurableLess Durable
Color RangeSatin Finish(Darker & Deeper black,Slightly Glossy & A bit of Sheen)Flat Finish(Dark Black,No Gloss & No Sheen)
LookSmootherLess Smoother
CleaningEasy to CleanEasy to Clean
MaintenanceRequire LessRequire More
CostMore Expensive More Cheaper


Hyper Dip is thinner and prevents excessive brake dust buildup. Plasti Dip is thicker and collects more brake dust. Hyper Dip flows better and creates a smoother coating. Plasti Dip may require more effort for a smooth finish. The viscosity difference also affects durability. Both paints protect against UV rays, corrosion, and wear, but their viscosities create variations.

Application Process

Plasti dip

With Plasti dip, beginners can achieve satisfactory results as it requires less expertise and is easier to apply. It primarily necessitates a heavy initial coat for optimum coverage.

Regarding quantity, Plasti dip is more cost-effective by requiring fewer cans than hyper dip. This factor can significantly influence the overall affordability of the project, making Plasti Dip an appealing option for those on a budget.

Hyper dip

Demands a more meticulous approach during application. It necessitates careful spraying techniques to ensure even distribution and prevent any runs or drips. It requires faster movements while spraying to evade any potential mishaps. Hyper dip may be better suited for individuals with more experience in paint applications and seeking higher precision throughout the process.


The hyper dip is more durable than a plastic dip for a longer-lasting black color on wheels. When it comes to enhancing the appearance of your wheels, many people turn to plastic dip due to its versatility and ease of application. The hyper drop is the way to go for those seeking a longer-lasting black color on their wheels. Hyper descent takes durability to a new level, providing a robust, resilient coating that can withstand the harshest conditions.

Colour Finish

Hyper dip and plastic dip may appear similar from far away, leading people to believe they have the same color. Although, this needs to be more accurate. Hyper drop has a slightly glossy satin black finish with a bit of sheen. Plastic dip has a flat matte black finish that lacks gloss or polish.


The hyper dip is less thick and sticky than the plastic dip, so it has a smoother appearance and texture. Plastic dip is not smooth and feels rubbery because it is made of PVC.

plasti dip vs hyperdip

Cleaning & Maintenance

Hyper dip is easier to clean and requires less upkeep. This is because hyperdip uses advanced aerosol paint technology. Plastic dip requires more cleaning due to brake dust buildup over time. It’s crucial to avoid getting gasoline on a plastic dip finish as it is a solvent-based coating that won’t withstand gas. Therefore, caution should be exercised when filling the tank with plastic dip.


Plasti dip costs less than hyper dip, around $16 compared to $20. you’ll need more cans of Hyperdip. So, if you’re on a budget, choose Plasti dip.

Plastidip vs Hyperdip: Which Is Better?

We’ll base our answer on the comparison above and user experiences. Without a doubt, hyper-dip is better. It’s more durable, easier to clean, and smoother. It also looks more attractive. If you don’t want to spend extra money on the hyper dip and are okay with plastic drops, keep using it, as it still works well.


Understanding Hyper Dip vs Plasti Dip is crucial to achieve the desired results. Mixing these two products can lead to unsatisfactory outcomes and potential surface damage. It is essential to prioritize safety when using any spray-on coating, and wearing a mask is highly recommended to prevent inhalation of harmful fumes. By being knowledgeable about the properties and application techniques of hyper dip and plastic dip, individuals can ensure they use the appropriate product for their specific needs.


How Long Does HyperDip Last?

Hyperdip, also called hyperdiploid, happens when cells have more chromosomes than usual. How long hyperdip lasts depends on the cause and individual situation. Sometimes, it goes away independently, but other times, it sticks around because of certain medical conditions or genetic disorders.

How long does it take for HyperDip to heal?

For optimal curing, waiting a full day after dipping is recommended. If using aerosols or a paint gun for spraying, ensure a 10-15 minute gap between coats at a temperature range of 14-18 degrees Celsius. Apply at least five coats on your project. In case of lower temperatures, extend the drying time between coats accordingly. Finally, allow another 24 hours for complete curing.

Is it better to spray paint or Plasti Dip?

Achieving a smooth finish is much simpler with Plastidip as it requires little to no prep work. Conversely, painting demands additional steps such as cleaning, sanding, and applying primer to achieve a durable result.

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