Volvo Bolt Pattern [A Complete Guide]

Imagine you have a box of blocks of various shapes and want to build a tower. You need to follow specific rules and place each block correctly. This is what the bolt pattern does for Volvo car wheels. It guides us on where each wheel should be set for a perfect fit and smooth running. Following the Volvo Bolt Pattern ensures our Volvos are safe and efficient on the road. Today, we’ll discuss the Volvo wheel bolt pattern, so stay tuned, as this information will benefit you.

The bolt pattern of a Volvo is a unique code that tells you how the wheels are attached to the car. Cars have different ways for their wheels. Knowing your Volvo’s bolt pattern is important because it helps you choose the right wheels to fit perfectly on your vehicle. If you don’t see the bolt pattern, you might end up with wheels that are too big or too small for your Volvo. 

We want everything in our cars to be safe and secure. So remember, knowing your Volvo’s bolt pattern is like having the secret code to ensure its wheels fit perfectly and keep us rolling smoothly on our adventures!

Volvo Bolt Pattern

The lug and Volvo bolt pattern S60 has changed. In 2000, the S60 had 5 lugs. But in recent models like the 2023 Volvo S60, there are 7 lugs. This new pattern improves stability and performance by distributing tire weight evenly. Finding replacement or aftermarket wheels may be more difficult. Ensure the wheels you choose are compatible with this pattern to avoid problems.

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBolt Pattern
2000 Volvo S6055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2001 Volvo S6055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2002 Volvo S6055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2003 Volvo S6055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2004 Volvo S6055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2005 Volvo S6055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2006 Volvo S6055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2007 Volvo S6055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2008 Volvo S6055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2009 Volvo S6055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2010 Volvo S6055×4.25″ (5x108mm)

What vehicles have a 5×108 bolt pattern?

The first Volvo XC90 2003 had a unique wheel design with five bolts evenly spaced in a circle. This pattern, called 5×108, was different for its class. In 2020, the Volvo XC90 still has the same 5×108 setup, limiting options for aftermarket wheels. But there are stylish replacements made by manufacturers specifically for Volvos. These wheels make your vehicle look better and meet safety and performance standards. 

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBolt Pattern
2003 Volvo XC9055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2004 Volvo XC9055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2005 Volvo XC9055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2006 Volvo XC9055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2007 Volvo XC9055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2008 Volvo XC9055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2009 Volvo XC9055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2010 Volvo XC9055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2011 Volvo XC9055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2012 Volvo XC9055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
Volvo Bolt Pattern

The Volvo 240, made from 1974 to 1993, is known for being strong, reliable, and having a timeless design. Its Volvo 240 lug pattern and bolt pattern is 5x108mm, with five lug nuts spaced 108mm apart diagonally. This site works with specific Audi, Jaguar, and Peugeot models. If you want to give your Volvo 240 a unique upgrade, you can look for wheels from these brands. 

Finding aftermarket wheels for the Volvo 240 can be difficult because it’s an older model, but there are still choices. You can search car forums or specialty shops focusing on vintage cars like the Volvo 240. 

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBolt Pattern
1974 Volvo 24055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
1975 Volvo 24055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
1976 Volvo 24055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
1977 Volvo 24055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
1978 Volvo 24055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
1979 Volvo 24055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
1980 Volvo 24055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
1981 Volvo 24055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
1982 Volvo 24055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
1983 Volvo 24055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
1984 Volvo 24055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
1985 Volvo 24055×4.25″ (5x108mm)

The Volvo S70 has five holes 108 millimeters apart in a circle. Some Ford models also have this pattern, so finding compatible wheels for an upgrade is more accessible. The Volvo S70 has two designs:

  • Hub-centric 
  • Lug-centric

Hub-centric means the wheel’s center matches the hub, ensuring a proper fit and reducing vibrations at high speeds. Lug-centric means the center is larger than the hub and relies more on the lugs for support. 

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBolt Pattern
1996 Volvo S7055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
1997 Volvo S7055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
1998 Volvo S7055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
1999 Volvo S7055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2000 Volvo S7055×4.25″ (5x108mm)

From 1997 to 2016, the Volvo V70 had five lugs on the wheel hub spaced 108 millimeters apart. The lug and bolt pattern of the V70 is compatible with other Volvo vehicles like the S60, XC60, S80, and XC90. This means owners of these models can swap wheels or have more choices when looking for new or upgraded rims.

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBolt Pattern
1997 Volvo V7055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
1998 Volvo V7055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
1999 Volvo V7055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2000 Volvo V7055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2001 Volvo V7055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2002 Volvo V7055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2003 Volvo V7055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2004 Volvo V7055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2005 Volvo V7055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2006 Volvo V7055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2007 Volvo V7055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2008 Volvo V7055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
volvo lug pattern

In 1998, the S80 had five bolts that were 108mm in diameter. This was common in European cars and allowed drivers to choose from many aftermarket wheels. In 2016, Volvo changed the S80’s bolts to six bolts that were slightly smaller in diameter. This change made the car more stable and improved its handling. 

Some people were initially unsure about this change, but many liked the enhanced performance. Understanding how the S80’s bolts changed over time demonstrates manufacturers constantly strive to improve things. 

Year/Make/ModelLug PatternBolt Pattern
1998 Volvo S8055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
1999 Volvo S8055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2000 Volvo S8055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2001 Volvo S8055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2002 Volvo S8055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2003 Volvo S8055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2004 Volvo S8055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2005 Volvo S8055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2006 Volvo S8055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2007 Volvo S8055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2008 Volvo S8055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2009 Volvo S8055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2010 Volvo S8055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2011 Volvo S8055×4.25″ (5x108mm)
2012 Volvo S8055×4.25″ (5x108mm)

Understanding the Volvo bolt pattern is essential for any Volvo owner. Volvo made this pattern so only specific wheels would fit perfectly on their cars. It’s like how only distinctive shoes will fit your feet perfectly, not all of them. So, if you want to put new wheels on a Volvo car, you must ensure they have the correct bolt pattern, or else they won’t fit properly.

How to measure your Volvo lug pattern

To measure the lug pattern, start by measuring from the center of one stud to the center of the stud across from it. For example, if there are 5 studs on your wheel, measure from the center of one stud to the center of the stud diagonally opposite. This will give you an accurate measurement of your lug pattern. 

Will Ford rims fit a Volvo?

Ford rims can fit a Volvo, but it depends on both vehicles’ specific model and year. Ford and Volvo use a standard bolt pattern called PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) to determine compatibility. If the PCD of the Ford rims matches your Volvo’s, they should be compatible.

What is the Volvo wheels bolt pattern?

The Volvo bolt pattern 5 lug nuts spaced 108 millimeters apart. It’s essential to check your Volvo’s model and year to ensure the correct bolt pattern. Some trims or editions may have a different bolt pattern, so it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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