Top Comfort Noise BFGoodrich Advantage vs Michelin Primacy 4

As the rubber hits the road, this is no ordinary sound; it’s the resonating harmony between your vehicle and its tires, a testament to quality, resilience, and performance. Welcome to our in-depth comparison: BFGoodrich advantage vs Michelin primacy 4. A tale of two titans in tire technology where we judge not just on performance or tread life, but on the often look aspect – comfort noise. Get ready as we explore these engineering marvels where every hum and rumble tells a story of design mastery.

BF Goodrich Advantage Control Review

BFGoodrich Advantage vs Michelin Primacy 4

The 2020 Tyre Reviews Ultimate Summer Tyre Test was a comprehensive examination of that year’s most high-performing summer tyres. The test, which compared twelve top-tier tires, took place at Goodyear’s notable track in Mireval, France, providing an ideal environment for this important study.

Two tires that were notably contrasted during the test included BF Goodrich Advantage and Michelin Primacy 4, feeding into the important conversation surrounding michelin vs bf goodrich. To provide a useful comparison baseline for all tires tested, Michelin Primacy 4 was set as the reference point with a perfect mark of 100.

Alongside objective measures such as tire performance and durability, comfort was considered using a subjective evaluation scale where one point equates to five. This helped ensure a balance between technical proficiency and real-world usability. All tests focused on tire size 205 55/R16 which is commonly used in popular automobile models such as Volkswagen Golf and Toyota Corolla Altis. As such, these results may have direct relevance to the best tire choice for users of these vehicles.

bf goodrich vs michelin


BFGoodrich Advantage

The tests found that BFGoodrich had a shorter stopping distance by a substantial measurement of 0.9 meters. This came as unexpected results considering the reputation of both brands in the tire industry. BFGoodrich triumphed in wet braking, ranking in wet handling between these two contenders was perceptibly equal, with only insignificant differences noted in their lap times. Both tires demonstrated top-notch performances that proved their superiority under such testing conditions.

Michelin’s Primacy 4 

showcased superior performance on track compared to its counterpart from BFGoodrich. Further tests revealed more about Michelin’s winning edge aquaplaning resistance. Here too, Primacy 4 dominated and outperformed BFGoodrich advantage by an impressive 2.3 points gap. 

top comfort noise bfgoodrich advantage vs michelin primacy 4

The comparison of Bfgoodrich vs Michelin wouldn’t be complete without considering slip speeds whereas again Primacy 4 recorded commendable statistics. With higher slip speed than its competitor, it topped this domain rightly earning its spot among top-tier tyres for motorists.

BFGoodrich Advantage:

  • +2.3% in wet braking
  • 1.3% in wet handling (lap time)
  • 0% in subjective wet handling
  • -2.3% in aquaplaning


Michelin’s Primacy 4 

emerged as the clear winner over BF Goodrich Advantage in both objective measurements of dry braking and dry handling lap time. With greater efficiency, Primacy 4 demonstrated an impressive ability to comfortably outperform its competitor. What truly distinguished the Michelin tire was its exceptional subjective dry handling performance compared to BF Goodrich Advantage. Primacy 4 achieved a high score of 8.6 which further accentuated its lead. 

bfgoodrich vs michelin

BF Goodrich Advantage

languished behind with a score of just seven out of ten. While comparing both these tires, it is important to remember that factors such as individual driving styles and vehicle types can potentially influence their performances.

BFGoodrich Advantage:

  • -0.6% in dry braking
  • -0.5% in dry handling (lap time)
  • -8% in subjective dry handling

Noise & Comfort bf Goodrich vs Michelin

BFGoodrich Advantage tire

Brilliantly surpasses its competitors, notable even amongst a respected brand like Michelin, when it comes to NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) criteria. Displaying great prowess in aspects of interior noise and subjective comfort, BF Goodrich tires have set a lofty benchmark.

This stellar reputation was solidified with measurements showing that the Advantage tire was 0.4dB quieter than its counterparts – a difference most discernible within the quiet cockpit of a moving car. also underlining its superiority in providing utmost comfort to the driver and passengers alike, the BF Goodrich tires scored an impressive perfect 10 out of 10.

BFGoodrich Advantage:

  • +0.7% in internal noise
  • +1% in comfort

Rolling Resistance

Factors such as rolling resistance, which directly relates to fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions, are becoming significant points of consideration.BFGoodrich tires and Michelin’s Primacy 4 are two well-known brands in the market. When tested for rolling resistance, BFGoodrich Advantage trailed behind slightly with a deficit of 3.1 against Primacy 4. Despite this minor difference in performance ratings, both these tire models held strong; they ranked within the top four out of all tires tested. 

BFGoodrich Advantage:

  • -3.1% in rolling resistance



certainly has quite a command over one of the most expensive tires on the marketplace. The brand’s Primacy 4 range, for instance, is priced at a premium – approximately $13 more compared to an equivalent tire from the BFGoodrich Advantage line.

Both Michelin and BFGoodrich fall under the same parent company’s umbrella. That being said, choosing BFGoodrich tires would mean acquiring similar technological advantages that Michelin offers but without shelling out extra dollars. This seems like an excellent bargain for consumers who prioritize cutting-edge technology but not at a premium price.

When comparing BF Goodrich tires vs Michelin, one could argue each comes with its unique set of benefits and price points which appeal differently depending on individual requirements and budget constraints.

  • Tire size: 225/45R17
  • Primacy 4: : €66.75
  • BFGoodrich Advantage:: €59
  • Difference: -13% more cheaper for BFGoodrich Advantage.
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If we sum up the long story short of Bfgoodrich Advantage vs Michelin primacy 4, both offer notable features that cater to many tyre requirements. If dry handling, aquaplaning resistance, and low rolling resistance are your priorities, the Primacy 4 would be the perfect choice.

For those who prioritize comfort, noise reduction, and reliable wet braking, the BFGoodrich Advantage comes out on top. Both tires provide considerable benefits in their respective areas of expertise. Choosing between these two depends entirely on your specific needs and preferences; so assess what matters most to you in a tire before making your final decision.


Are Michelin Primacy tires quiet?

Its unique tread design not only reduces road noise but also provides a comfortable ride, making it an ideal choice for luxury touring vehicles.
Michelin Primacy tires are constructed with a comfort control technology that uses computer-optimized design to significantly reduce vibrations and road noise.

Are BFGoodrich tires made by Michelin?

The French tire-making powerhouse, Michelin, acquired both Uniroyal and The Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Company in 1990. This significant business move expanded Michelin‘s global presence and influence in the tire industry.
Uniroyal, once a standalone company known for its quality tires, was combined with The Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Company to create an even more dynamic entity within the industry.

How long do BFGoodrich tires last?

we anticipate that the KO2 tires should deliver an impressive mileage. Specifically speaking, we could look forward to around 50,000 miles or so of smooth and enjoyable rides with each set of KO2s outfitted on our vehicle.

What are the benefits of Michelin Primacy 4?

The advanced EverGrip Technologies from MICHELIN provide exceptional braking performance on wet surfaces, thanks to a specially designed tread that effectively disperses 22% more water. This allows drivers to maintain control even in wet conditions. It is unmatched in terms of longevity.

Are Michelin tires better than BFGoodrich in terms of noise?

Michelin makes quiet, high-quality tires. They use advanced technology to reduce road noise, giving you a smooth and quiet ride. BFGoodrich also offers low-noise tires, especially in their touring and all-season ranges. Yet, their more aggressive off-road or performance tires may be noisier. If noise is important to you, check the specific tire models from each brand to find the best fit.

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